Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Oceanside Museum of Art: Sidewalk Activism, Griselda Rosas: Regata Abscisa, Artist Alliance 2019 Biennial

by Patricia Frischer


Chor Boogie: Decolonizing Aerosol Art – Please listen how the history Street Art has been appropriated which was published in August of 2020.  

Sidewalk ActivismUntil June 21, 2020
This dynamic show curated By Dr. G. James Daichendt captures you immediately with large scale powerful images. Taking art off the streets and putting it a museum validates it as art, It is actually serving its higher purpose when it is on the street communicating in the environment it was made for, but wow, I loved the chance to see these works up close. The Curator  is a professor of art history at Point Loma Nazarene University. Daichendt has written several books on street art and graffiti including biographies featuring Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, and an upcoming 2020 publication featuring Robbie Conal. He has been dubbed Professor Street Art and regularly writes art criticism for several local and national publications. View Daichendt’s TEDx Talk on street art here.

Mike Giant, Shoot Back, Original created in 2017, recreated in the Sidewalk Activism exhibition in 2020. Permanent marker, 102” x 106”.

Shepard Fairey, Noise & Lies2020, Paint and screen print on paper
Courtesy of Shepard Fairey / ObeyGiant.com  120” x 190”.


Robbie Conal, The Cabinet of Horrors, 2017-2019. Oil and acrylic paint on archival illustration board.

Chris Konecki and Carly Ealey, Drop in the Ocean, Created for the Sidewalk Activism exhibition in 2020. House paint, spray paint, and wood, 144” x 200”.

Plastic Jesus, American Excess, created for the Sidewalk Activism exhibition in 2020. Mixed media, 48” x 48” x 96”.

Gregory Auerbach, Street Signs, 2020. Spray paint on aluminum, 18” x 12” each.

Griselda Rosas: Regata Abscisa - Until May 24, 2020
This installation  was inspired by the novel Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea, Oceanside Public Library’s Big Read selection. The book is about lots of the issues that Rosas uses all the time in her art including colonialism and cross border migration. In Spanish, “Regata” means a water channel that hits a wall and what I see is blackened walls with the shape of a mass of water hitting the surface. Three large chunky shapes (maybe landmasses)  and connecting lines could represent the journey that happens in the book. The small tapestry work  is full of masses of textures and techniques with abstracted human shapes and landscapes  in wonderful colors. 

Griselda Rosas

Griselda Rosas

Artist Alliance 2019 Biennial - Until May 31, 2020
Juried By Bob Pincus and Maria Mingalone
This is the fourth biennial juried Artist Alliance members’ exhibition and the level of art just keeps getting higher and higher.  This museum is unique in that an integral part of OMA’s mission is supporting local and regional artists.
This exhibition features work by Dan Adams, Basia Aroyo, Antonios Aspromourgos, Warren Bakley, Suzanne Beckstrom, Neil Brooks, Diana Carey, Sandra Chanis, Emanuel Dale, Sue Dewulf, Ellen Dieter, Juan Flores, Kat Flyn, Martita Foss, Susan French, Will Gibson, John Groff, Becky Guttin, Holli Harmon, James Kendall Higgins, Kate Joiner, Bianca Juarez, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Susan Kogan, Kurt Lightfoot, John Linthurst, Cathy Locke, Susan Lyon, Michael Maas, Dan Mcstocker, Mercedes, Andrew Meyers, Donald Mohr, Michelle Moore, Allan Morrow, Annalise Neil, Annie Omens, Kelsey Overstreet, George Papciak, Brigid Parsons, Alison Haley Paul, Carol Perry, Ilona Peteris, Ana Phelps, Ernie Pick, Karrie Ross, Catherine Ruane, Doriana Sinnett, Michael Sitaras, Cheryl Sorg, Daniel Streck, Patricia Prescott Sueme, Jane Szabo, Tokeli, Michael Ward, Brady Willmott, and Danielle Zhang.

Brady Willmott ( Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel

Dan Adams

Dan Adams

Cheryl Sorg

Michael Sitaras

Brady Willmott

Susan Kogan

Dan Mcstocker (these are glass!)

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