Monday, March 9, 2020

Griselda Rosas at Lux Art Institute until March 14th

by Patricia Frischer

Griselda Rosas  is showing her work at Lux Art Institute in Cardiff by the Sea until March 14th so there are only a few more days to catch this show. This is the largest quanity of this artist's work that I have seen at one time and that is because all this art was commissioned for this show. Bravo Lux and their new director Andrew Utt. 

Rosas gave a very charming talk about her work which gave me much greater insights not only to her process but to the layered meaning of this art.  Like most students who went back and forth across the border for some years, she has the weight of that border crossing upon her. She has also extensively researched  colonial connection to Spain through customs, art and fashion. For example, she presented a paper on the development of the ruffed collar from Queen Elizabeth 1 and Bloody Queen Ann in England to Spain and then to Mexico. 

Griselda Rosas giving her presentation at the Lux Art Institute

That is where the complication starts to form. A lover of everything beautiful, a tactile person who loves color and stitchery has to combine this with the history of her people. This history is not just the colonization of her home country but runs right up to the drug overlords and their liking for ostrich skin boots and silk Armani shirts. 

You have to look closely to see parts of all these subjects merging in the art. Sometimes images are enhanced sometimes they are covered. The resulting art is actually subtle but with the flare of hanging fringes luring you in to look closely. 

You can see more of Griselda Rosas's work in the upcoming San Diego Art Prize 2020 at Athenaeum Music & Arts Library with other finalists Alanna AiritamKaori Fukuyama, and  Melissa Walter from May 9 to July 3. Rosas currently also has work currently at: 

Detail of above: Notice the Armani swatch of material found by Rosas at a garage sale and the faux ostrich skin used as a background for some of these works. 

Details of above

Details of above: Bloody Queen Ann face

Details of above

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