Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Momentum Part 1 presented by Vanguard Culture

Summary by Patricia Frischer

MOMENTUM: A Creative Industry Symposium Part 1, August 17, 2020. Part 2 will be on Sept 7
Watch it yourself  and read the Chat Stream

Susanna Peredo Swap, Vanguard Culture co-host, hopes this crisis reveals the best in us. Her message was to stay inspired.

Jonathon Glus, Executive Director, SanDiego Commission of Arts Culture, co-host explains how before Covid- 19, we were all running to keep up with technology, cramming everything into our daily lives, concerned about the global condition of the world. When the pandemic hit, we were paralyzed but this then gave us an opportunity to reset. This is a collective stop to spiritually think about who we are. He is not just concerned so much about the data right now. We inherited 20th century thinking even through we are two decades into the 21st century.  Now we have a moment to pause and think about 2020 and beyond. Arts are always on the vanguard, the front edge. We can take on that challenge because the future belongs to artists and creatives. One of our biggest assets in SD is the border. It makes us unique globally.

David Malmuth, I.D.E.A., Developer/ Partner at I.D.E.A. Partners, LLC; Former VP/GM at Disney Development-West. https://www.ideadistrictsd.com/ https://www.davidmalmuth.com/  There I.D.E.A. development in San Diego came after a life time of creative placemaking and revitalization in New York and Hollywood. Now they are making a proposal for the old Sport Arena. How do you activate a community, not just build brick and mortar? Arts and Culture is a major component of that activation.

Tara Graviss she is an Expressive Arts Therapist. Arts for Learning, https://www.artsforlearningsd.org/ , https://www.youngaudiences.org  She advocates using the arts to go inward to develop coping therapy. There is nothing shameful about asking for help. Turning to nature for inspiration in order to speak our truth. Sexual trauma is a grief that consumes us. There is power and healing in the connection from sharing our stories. Especially using art filled with intimacy can be ever changing.

David Bennett, Managing Director for the San Diego Opera. https://www.sdopera.org/  The voice is able to put us in touch with deep emotion. Perhaps because we all have voices. We all have this instrument which we share.  Opera is both grand and intimate. Uses ensemble and can show subtext through acting. Uses all the art forms visual, music, dance and voice. We can see other cultures and wider our world view. Opera supercharges brain power. It is good for your heart and stress as is can lower blood pressure. It can improve memory and right/left brain power. Opera makes you happy.

Performance:  Jamie Shadowlight electric violinist. https://www.instagram.com/jamieshadowlight/

scott b. davis, Founder of the Medium Festival of Photography. https://www.mediumphoto.org   https://www.scottbdavis.com  Now in its eighth year and housed at Lafayette Hotel, Medium offers a large portfolio review. This photography Fest is where audience can view the works of the artist, listen to Keynote speakers and lecturers, and attend book signings and workshop. It offers an opportunity to connect emerging artists to a larger audience. Some examples are modern tin types bringing back an old technique, self portrait of morbid obesity, and a cross border scholarships. Our locals get national and international experience.

Herbert Siguenza, Playwright in Residence @ San Diego Repertory Theatre; founding member of Latino Theatre Troupe CULTURE CLASH https://sdrep.org  Chicano issues were communicated through theater and Siquenza has followed a long path through a variety of subject to communicate a life time of issues.

Performance:  M A L U classical electronic musician https://www.instagram.com/malu_live/ and Contemporary Dancer Pita Zapot. https://www.instagram.com/pitazapot/

Bradley Tsalyuk, Exhibit Developer at The Natural History Museum. https://www.sdnhm.org/.  The Nat is a 143-year-old institute which concentrates on unique species from our local biologically diverse areas. They showcase both utilitarian and aesthetic values that encourages inquisition. He wants visitors to fall in love with the nature world. This is choreographed and curated exploration to establish an understanding of place. Although a goal is to education, they are also trying to measure a change in attitude. They are trying to learn from visitors how that works. Place attachment means people will care and protect. Streaming lectures are available on their site during the pandemic.

Flor Franco, Award-winning Chef; Franco Group & Berry Good Food Foundation. https://flor.florfranco.com/ https://berrygoodfood.org/  is a huge advocate of plant-based cuisine. She lets food be her medicine and recommends an interval diet (no food for 16 hours) with raw plant-based foods. She also highly recommends Specialty Produce as a source of vegetables.

Performance:  Gill Sotu, poetry. https://www.gillsotu.com/

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