Thursday, February 25, 2021

In Conversation: Manuelita Brown and Dr. Denise Rogers. at Oceanside Museum of Art


by Patricia Frischer

Twenty Women Artists: NOW is a show opening in March at OMA and this interview with Manuelita Brown by Dr. Denise Rogers was introduced by the curator of the exhibition Alessandra Moctezuma

I live in Cardiff by the Sea and for years I attended weekly yoga classes by a lovely local instructor Emmy Garnica. Manuelita Brown and her husband were often fellow movers and stretchers along with a hardy group of Silver Agers. Of course I know of Manuelita’s work and have visited her studio/home on more than one occasion when it was open to the public. But it was educational to see her work presented in this slide show which put more context to a life-time of work in response to personal experiences.

It was also fun to see some personal family photos and a very early painting on a glass bottle that survived from 1949!

Interesting side by side with one of Manuelita's idols, Elizabeth Catlett

Another side by side with one of Manuelita's idols, Elizabeth Catlett, this time using her own son as America's Son

Online Lecture: Great Women Artists, Then And Now
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