Tuesday, July 6, 2021

PHES Gallery: A North County Gift to the Community

By Patricia Frischer

William Leslie: Ner Tamid

Paul Henry and Ellen Speert are giving a fabulous gift to the arts community. PHES Gallery: Fine Art and Craft is now open at 2633 State Street, Carlsbad Village, CA 92008 three days a week on Thur - Sat from 2-7 pm. The grand opening is on Friday, July 16, from 6-9 p.m. More info: info@phesgallery.com /760-696-3022 

Paul Henry is a well know furniture designer, who taught for 20 years at Palomar College. Ellen Speert is an art therapist  at their California Center for Creative Renewal in Encinitas. The property in the heart of Carlsbad Village has been in the family since Paul opened his studio there in the large warehouse like space in the rear of the courtyard. The front 5 rooms have been completely renovated to a perfect white well-lit space perfect for displaying fine art.  They will be holding 4 to 6 shows a year and may be looking for curators eventually, but for now the space reflected their taste. In this first show they invited  some of their personal friends who are professional artists. The quality of the work is very high and although this is not a thematic show, it is one with something to interest almost everyone. 

A gallery is more than walls. It is a place you want to come and expand your imagination. There is a charming front garden, not a surprise since their Encinitas property is one of the most gloriously landscaped homes you could ever visit. They discovered some original beams and raised the ceiling in the main gallery, but it is the delightful front porch where you will probably fine Paul charming guests and Ellen making them feel comfortable. 

A small sample of the works on view are featured here. Please don't miss the entire display by Ann Mudge, small and perfectly formed hanging sculptures. The trip to Paul's back studio was spectacular. With a huge array of tools, works in progress, and rescued artifacts.  There will be demonstration by William Leslie on his lighted paper works. Becky Cohen will speak about her  latest work.  More info online: info@phesgallery.com /760-696-3022

Front Garden

New exposed beams and raised ceiling

Paul Henry: Siblings Cabinet

Ellen Speert: Buddha Vessel #2

Cheryl Tall: The White Rabbit

Becky Cohen: Moon Flood Trance

Bruce Munter: Moonhouse

Bruce Munter: Crayola Graph XII

Ann Mudge: Array

Composite view of Paul Henry's studio space

Paul Henry, Darwin Slindee and Ellen Speert enjoying the front porch. 


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