Saturday, December 4, 2021

Many Fingers Touch Your Heart: Women’s Woven Voices at Front Porch Gallery

by Patricia Frischer 

With the lockdown, we are still pretty much looking for online experiences and one of the best in December was a zoom celebration of the completion of the Women’s Woven Voices 1000+ story cloth weavings tapestry exhibition at FrontPorch Gallery with Julie Weaverling and founder Brecia Kralovic-Logan.

Brecia Kralovic-Logan and is that a Post for Peace and Justice I see next to her sign?


I had no idea what to expect but a dizzying video view of the show  and  the brilliant video of one of the weavers, Maggie, makes me more than ever want to look at least through the window of this Carlsbad gallery. Not only do they serve the community at large, but this show involves the residents in many of their facilities for assisted and independent living.


Some of the residents showing off their weavings. 

Women’s Woven Voices project is an international, collaborative art project that promotes women's empowerment through writing (guide), weaving (guide) and sharing (guide). When Front Porch became involved they hoped for 100 participants but are showing approx. 750 -  36 inch strips sewn together to make a chorus of voices.

Kits are available to get you started

An assortment of supplies

Close up of work in process

There are so many stories here. Some of very specific dedications, others are recollections and then there are just the intuitive expressions of colors.   

 The red fringe ties the whole group together graphically but it also symbolizes love  and creates a visual talking point about solutions to sexual abuse, a larger project.

Front Porch will display these artworks in all their facilities. Then it will go around the world hopefully with special stops in support of the Washington DC’s Commission on Women and Girls. 

Women's Woven Voices
showing until Jan. 8, 2022
Front Porch Gallery
2903 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, 92008

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