Friday, May 6, 2022

Kinetics Art that Moves You at ARTS

by Patricia Frischer

Dylan Allen – this student who is only 10 years old wants this work to denote the transfer of ideas from one person to another.

This STEAM inspired Art Show by (ARTS) A Reason To Survive shows 25 local artists curated by Yvette Roman including ARTS students, teaching artists at ARTS and artists in our own San Diego community. The beautiful high ceilings at this space make it a joy to view. We selected a just a handful of works to showcase, but watch this space for more exciting exhibitions including the Spring Community ARTS Open House Exhibition on Sat May 14th from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

Autumn Sno – You can touch these works gently to watch the 3 Wednesday Adsams dance in a 3d performance

Patty Rangel – This analog hologram shows without 3d glasses. It uses a Helium-Neon laser,

Retro Millenial – The image of the heart is the code that runs the beating heart of the robot,

Kelsey Kenny – A glass crown to celebrate the resilience of all matter in an ever-turning cycle.

Kazmier Maslanka – This mathematical poet uses equations to compare and contrast concepts of interest to us all. In this piece Emptiness is to Form what Form is to Emptiness. The ideas of emptiness are seen in both the Mayan creation story and the Heart Sutra of Zen Buddhism which are used to enhance the image.

Kazmier Maslanka

Christian Garcia-Olivo – Originally made to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, but frustration and anger morphed this work to become “Untitled Black Skin” The companion piece is where the white napkin has been ripped to reveal the true colors.( and below)

Christian Garcia-Olivo

Maxx Moses with the students of Sweetwater High School. No the pedals do not rotate the bicycle wheels to create the color explosions in the kaleidoscope but it is just as effective when manipulated by hand.


Video were chosen for works that actually shift since Kinetic in general denotes a moving object: Christopher Schaie, Kelsey Kenny, Retro Millenial, Maxx Moses, Rob Tobin. (First: Christopher Schaie – Golden Coils mimics a lot of the fundamental shapes in nature (flowers, leaves, shells, octopus) and gently undulates. Last: Rob Tobin – the title tells it all. The Jimi Hendrex Experience Experience: Delight in da’Light

List of other artist included:
Chad Berwald, Kaitlyn C Killion, Collaboration: Ale Ruiz Tostado and Luis Bello, SPNCR FLDS, FURVO, Scott Gengelbach, Christopher Lloyd Tucker, Jose Lopez, Melodiadeamore, Jolene Moore, Mariano F. Muñoz, Sheena Rae Dowling, Verenice, Rios, Shirish Villaseñor and Heather Ybarra

ARTS A Reason to Survive

200 E 12th Street, National City, CA 91950

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