Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Timken Museum Reopens

 by Patricia Frischer

View out front windows

I have been waiting for months for the Timken Museum of Art to reopen and finally today the doors welcomed us in. At first I could not notice anything different except the removal of those old turn styles. But then I realized that the lighting and wall color was giving the works a different look. In fact when I took the photos for this article, there was no need for lighting adjustment. Everything looked clear and distinct and the window gleamed and showcased the view out the front and the pond out the back. Even the pristine new floor reflected calm and elegance. 

There is returning statue of the Flying Mercury installed one of the side gardens and  a fountain bubbled delightfully at the other side garden. The art on display is all the permanent works of the collection. Each one deserved our attention and that is why we can visit and re-visit, finding a quiet place for contemplation and an atmosphere built to allow us to feel the work as well as see it.  
View out back windows

Luca di Tomme; Trinity and the Crucifixion with scenes from the Life of Christ

The Last Judgement. Russian Icon

Francisco de Zurbaran: Saint Francis in Meditation

Ella Ferris Pella; Salome. This is one of the new acquisitions and the first female artist in the collection! Let's hope that is a trend. She looks like she is ready to have a head on that plate. 

John Frederick Peto: In the Library

Raphaelle Peale: Cutlet and Vegetable

Pieter Claesz: Still Life

Anonymous: Still Life

Flying Mercury comes home!

Wonderful to see a younger generation viewing the art

Lovely necklace with proceeds partly going to support the museum

A small but perfectly curated selection of items for sale in new gift shop. 

Next show featuring Marianela de la Hoz as the summer artists in residence. 

Timken Museum of Art 
1500 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego CA 92101

Monday-Tuesday: Closed
10 am to 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday
Subject to change for special events

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