Saturday, January 28, 2023

Contemporary Perspectives in Fiber Arts

By Patricia Frischer

Olivia Batchelder - a lovely painting on silk using the natural flow of the inks. 

We get pleasure from so many things…good company, good food, a walk on the sea shore, even window shopping. And there are many reasons view art; to enjoy the nostalgia evokes by an artwork,  to process a problem that we are dealing with or an emotion that needs airing, or, maybe, to be spurred to a call to action. It can also spur us into critical discussions with others or within ourselves.

But there are occasions when the pleasure of looking is all that is necessary. Seeing an exhibition, can be like looking out the window of a car as landscape reveals itself. It can be a break from thinking and a time to just experience visual stimulus.

This exhibition Contemporary Perspectives inFiber Arts features selections from California Fibers, a group founded in 1970, which supports the artistic growth and professional advancement of contemporary Southern California fiber artists Their creative expression includes weaving, basketry, sculpture, quilting, embroidery, felting, surface design, knit, crochet, wearables and mixed media.

On exhibition at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery until March 18, 2023, I visited this lovely space and enjoyed the arrangement of these works, each given the space and attention it deserved. 

Peggy Wiedmann (front) is winged rocker and Debby Wiess (back)

Debby Weiss (close up) netting with embroidered embelishment

Lydia Tjioe Hall - a entire wall of wire samples

Sandy Abrams - wood vase, birds and limb 

Polly Jacobs - charming group of wrapped spindles

Michael Rhode - large woven variations

Carole Nilsen - shot with metallics bring this work alive 


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