Sunday, March 5, 2023

Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era at UCSD Mandeville Art Gallery

by Patricia Frischer 

Memo Akten

There were throngs of students flooding the campus of UCSD when we attended the long awaited re-opening of the Mandeville Art Gallery. Closed since 2018 but started in 1966, there has not been a faculty show since 2015. So what a brilliant opportunity for high school students visiting the campus to view the work of their future tutors with this first show  Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era on view until June 18.

UCSD is a city within a city and although there are other art viewing spaces included the famous Stuart Collection of sculptures scattered through the landscape, it is curated exhibitions in this main space that have been missed. Ceci Moss, the director and chief curator has a heavy responsibility to bring the space back to life. The wrap around digital video display on the outside surface of the space will certainly draw attention especially at night to the renovationAnd it is important for the general public and the arts community to discover the works of these teachers who will influence future artists.

I was on a mission to see the work of Memo Akten as he is on a panel I intend to attend at Oceanside Museum of Art, Artificial Intelligence Symposium on March 22 from 6 to 8pm. It is my understand that Akten is a generative artist which roughly means that at least some of the work is  created with a non-human i.e. computer generated algorithm. His work in this show All watched over by machines of loving grace, 2021 is engaging and intriguing and some might even describe  as “eye candy” and I have no problem with that.  

Memo Akten (the following images are screen shots from the video below)

Memo Akten

Memo Akten

Memo Atken,All watched over by machines of loving grace, 2021  - idyllic  coexistence between nature, technology and humans. 

Danielle Dean - Brazilian Amazon meets corporate Amazon

Danielle Dean

Pinar Yoldas - genetically altered forest and the worlds that could inhabit them.

Pinar Yoldas

Pinar Yoldas,

Paul Mpagi Sepuya - red safety light behind the scenes photography session

Las Hermanas Iglesias (sisters Janelle and Lisa) with mother Bodhid Iglesias  - exploration of feminism and family.

Las Hermanas Iglesias (sisters Janelle and Lisa) with mother Bodhid Iglesias 

Alexandro Segade - adult superhero graphic novel

My Barbarian - on going performance piece with faculty member Alexandro Segader with Malik Gaines and Jade Gordon 

My Barbarian - props

Mariah Garnett - the artist reenacts her father's life in Belfast, confusing and compelling in equal measures. 

Lorena Mostajo- cross-border souvenirs 

Lorena Mostajo - cross-border souvenirs 

Las Hermanas Iglesias - the exhibition is named after this work which is a palindrome repeated in the shape of an American flag.

Apolgies to dean erdmann whose vinyl transparency graced the doorway glass welcoming the entire community, both artist, art supporters and the general public. I was notable to get an image of this work. 

The MFA and PHD UCSD Visual Arts Graduate Open Studios was also happening on the day we visited. Some of the students seemed prepared to meet the public...others, not so much. I choose three that impressed me just looking at the work without any extended conversation. They are all represented with a piece in the Studio Gallery space. Lots of photography and video works as you would expect but ceramic and textile sculptures caught my eye. 

Nykelle DeVivo

Cat Gunn

Coralys Carter (detail)

Coralys Carter

Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era  - Faculty Exhibition
Mandeville Art Gallery 
Curtor: Ceci Moss 
March 4 - June 18
More info Nick Lesley 858.822.7755

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