Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Vast Sea between C and c

 by Patricia Frischer

Joseph Monzo’s 31 tone lattice.

The first ever symposium on the importance of San Diego in the canon of microtonal music was held at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center in Mid-April. The title The Vast Sea between C and c alludes to the infinity of pitches in microtonal music coined by one of San Diego’s must celebrated microtonal composers, Harry Partch. The Bonita presentation was a one-day event from but there is an extended gallery exhibition of hand crafted instruments, pictorials and graphic illustration. Panel participants include: John Chalmers,  Jonathan Glasier, Joe Monzo. Daniel Corral, and Bill Welsey. Moderated by Kazmier Maslanka and produced by Vallo Riberto.

Margot Wallace who attended said, “….everyone in attendance was enthralled with the uniqueness of the subject.  From the visuals, to the sounds portrayed in unison, there was only silence from the audience in the room all day as everyone in attendance was captivated.”

Comments overheard:  Where can we find more of this?  When will you have another event ?  Will this go to LA?

This is another of the stunning show curated by Vallo Riberto who continues to enliven the SD Art scene with thought provoking exhibitions. 

More info: Wendy 6192675141

Joseph Monzo explaining his “Tonalsoft” tuning system to the audience.    

John Chalmers demonstrates his theories on tone, frequencies and the application of color to express those tonal relationships.  KAZ Maslanka is seen operating the  projector and was the co-curator and moderator.

John Chalmers with some of his images

The Audience seen here with 3D glasses, viewing a stunning array of John Chalmer's automated, tuning diagrams. These diagrams are beautiful and mesmerizing, autonomus, stand-alone works of art.

Daniel Corral is a Microtonal composer from Los Angles, seen here with his quartet playing a composition on the “Tubalong"

The delightfully entertaining lecture by the equality delightful, Bill Wesley, seen here with his handmade Microtonal instruments. 

Bill and Joseph jamming out on a group improvisation. Ventral Microtonalist, Jonathan Glasier adds to the jam playing his hand-made Tubeslongs.

Daniel Corral prepares to play his instrument with The Daniel Corral quartet.

The Daniel Corral quartet.

New York, microtonal composer, Jonny Reinhard, now residing in Riverside County joins the symposium and gives a in-depth overview of the Microtonal world.

What are microtones? by Jack Garrett

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