Saturday, September 23, 2023

26th Annual Galaxy of Glass Exhibition at Fallbrook Art Center

by Patricia Frischer

Brenda Andrews, director Fallbrook Art Center


The current and the 26th! annual glass exhibition at Fallbrook Art Center adds a new dimension to the display of glass by adding geodes which might just be our first fascination with transparent sparkling objects. These are from the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society Museum across the street from the art center and are the "nature" part of Art & Nature. Of course, many of these art works from artists in southern California are inspired by nature as well.

Brenda Andrews is the new executive director of the Fallbrook Art Center who curated this exhibition. We all know things change with a new director and that basically change is good. Some might go screaming and yelling into the new direction, but I feel that Ms. Andrews is the perfect candidate to steer this ship into a new era. Originally from New York, she has lived in Los Angeles and studied at California Institute of the Arts. She has experience in the corporate, non-profit, commercial, and academic areas which is so beneficial to an art center and the combination is quite rare. For example, she has worked with Qualcomm, SD Museum of Art, the New Children’s Museum and ARTS A Reason to Survive and these are just a few of her local connections. I found her diplomatic and charming and full of fresh ideas. 

Although she will start with small changes, these are evident in the new sitting cubes (Sit, Stay, Enjoy, Relax), in the new positioning of the gallery shop, in the awareness of placing large works in the window so at night they shine from a distance, and the use of the rear gallery space for experimental and innovative art. There are hopeful future plans for some of the exhibition to travel to other venues in the county which would be an excellent promotion for the local Fallbrook artists.   

The range of work, as always, is considerable.  From the conceptually complex light box by Michelle Kurtis Cole and the clean color pour works of Greg Gomoka and the elegant wings of Tom Marosz to the playful and pet-able creation of Davis and Kazumi Svenson and the narrative chairs and benches by James Stone, technique is often hidden but almost always labor intensive. Fallbrook is a short drive, makes a great staycation, and the art center is a must stop.  Catch this show until Oct 22.

Michelle Kurtis Cole

Michelle Kurtis Cole

Michelle Kurtis Cole, detail

Quick gallery tour video

Sit, enjoy, relax, stay - sets the tone for the gallery

Deanne Sabeck - dramatic reflection of light

Susan Hirsch, with geode. Art work absorbs light during the day in order to glow at night. 

Debb Solan - fit for a fairy queen

Carol Rogers wearing Debb Solan necklace

Nic McGuire - glass and gold

Tana Simmons - primary color and subject

Roberto Beltrami, Murano, Italy visiting profession at  Stone&Glass 

James Stone - chairs and benches using a proprietary of combining metal and glass. Many of the benches on display are made by his students. 

Greg Gomoka - poured layered glass slabs.

Greg Gomoka - watch for a new exhibition next year of book art.

David and Christopher Falossi -  glass and onyx

Jon Simpson - best toco ever!

Patty Gray - simple and clean with frosted transparent glass inset. 

Jacob  Barfield - fools your eye into thinking this is 3-D but it is a flat puzzle piece. 

Tom Marosz - elegant and perfectly crafted

Experimental Neon Room

Davis and Kazumi Svenson - pet the lizard!

Davis and Kazumi Svenson

Michael Hernandez

Susan Hirsch from a workshop with Davis and Kazumi Svenson

Geodes  for this exhibition supplied from the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society Museum. Watch the quick clip video below of natural florescence in display in the museum. 

Wonderful diorama in the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society Museum when dinosaurs roamed  the Fallbrook area

Capturing Light
Sept 23 to Oct 22, 2023
The Janice Griffiths Gallery Fallbrook Art Center
103 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028
760 728 1414


 Not enough glass in Fallbrook for you? The Art Glass Guild will be hosting their 2023 Fall Patio Show and Sale on Sat/Sun October 14th and 15th from 10 am to 5 pm at Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park. See juried glass that is blown, fused, torch, stained, cast, and etched. More info: Helen Munroe  619-702-8006


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