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David Zapf Collection at Phes Gallery from Jan 21 – Feb 17.

by Patricia Frischer

Philipp Scholz Rittermann

David Zapf Collection at Phes Gallery

When I arrived in San Diego almost 25 years ago, the David Zapf Gallery was one of only a handful of galleries which seemed to be professional and extremely supportive of local artist. We have a multitude of amazing artist in the San Diego region, and they deserve to be seen. David Zapf made that happen for so many. During his life he also acquired work by other others of excellence. This show at Phes Gallery of art from his estate, is offering works of a very high caliber.

Below is just a very small selection of the art available by silent auction by visiting this space in Carlsbad on State Street. Register for a number and sign up between now and Feb 17 to make a bid. You are invited to join a walk through and learn more about these artists on Sunday Jan 4 at 5 pm. Paul Henry who along with Ellen Speert own this space, have research the artist using Zapf’s gallery records made available by the Zapf family who will benefit from the sale. 

Other artists included David Baze,  Margaret Garcia,  Nancy Kittredge, DeLoss McGraw, David Reuter, Liza Jane von Rosenstiel, Victor Salvatierra, Raphael Soto, Dan Sweetma, Li Tie, David Wing. There are also a selection of very attractive antique movie posters. There are wonderful works to add to your collection or maybe to be the starting purchase for a lifetime of collecting...just like David Zapf.

David Zapf Collection at Phes Gallery from Jan 21 – Feb 17.
Walk through Sat. Jan 27 at 5 pm
Closing Reception and announcement of silent auction results on Sat. Feb 17th

Raul Guerrero

Oscar Ortega

Eric Blau

Poupée Boccaccio

Poupée Boccaccio

Irv Baran

Miguel Cano

Johnny Coleman

Chris Lee

Artemio Rodriguez

Very large Soviet Poster, shown here in sections.

Archived records

David Zapf Collection
 at Phes Gallery from Jan 21 – Feb 17.
Walk through Sat Jan 27th at 5 pm
Closing Reception and announcement of silent auction results on Sat. Feb 17th

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