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World Design Capitol 2024 SD/Tj Demystified

 By Patricia Frischer

Proyecto ReCREA – Repurposing Waste for Coastal Resilience consists of a collaboration between A Su Futuro/Advancing Students Forward (ASF), Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (TRNERR), Waste for Life (WFL), and Centro de Comunidad Tecolote. On Sat, 08 Jun 2024 in TJ.

Like lots of you, I am confused about the World Design Capitol 2024 year of activities. I did a deep dive for you on the website. I found it confusing, but I think I now have a handle on it.

The World Design Capitol 2024 (WDC) SD/TJ is an international award which for the first time was given to two cities at once. This prestigious award is, itself, designed to be a cross border collaboration.  It encompasses more than just design in a purely art context. Yes, there is Arts and Culture but also climate/sustainability, health/wellbeing, planning/placemaking, science/technology, and youth/education.

“Design is a universal language. It speaks to the heart of human experience. It is inherently optimistic, always seeking to improve, to enhance and to solve. Design allows us to see the world. Not as it is now, but as it should be. Remember, every idea we consider together, every project we develop together contributes to a larger narrative. It's a narrative of hope, of progress, of a future built by all of us, for all of us. So whatever your connection to the world Design Community Capital 2024 this year belongs to the San Diego Tijuana community.” Thomas Garvey, president of the World Design Organization

One of the emphases for this WDC 2024 SD/TJ is to broaden the idea of design beyond its immediate use. Design needs now to take into consideration the effect the creative impulse has on the whole production of a product or service. That might means designing an environmentally friendly process as well as product by serving not just humans but humanity as a whole. For example, if an art works is heavy and has to be shipped, that makes it more expensive in fuel for delivery and maybe packaging. If resources are renewable or recyclable, we need to consider that as an advantage.

February:  The launch with the World Design SpotLight

May:  World Design Festival Tijuana included the annual Tijuana Design Week of design-related programming, exhibits and lectures including 100 events across 40 different venues. You can watch many of the lectures and panels with links on Facebook or LinkedIn. Most of them are in Spanish. Here is one visual arts exhibition that featured Fernanda Uribe.

Fernanda Uribe

Bosque (Forest)  by Fernanda Uribe

Coming up in September and November are other official events of the World Design Capitol 2024 (WDC) SD/TJ

The date is set for Vanguard Culture’s second annual  ENVZN24 Urban Art Takeover 
The biennial visual and performing arts festival will transform areas of Commercial Street in Logan Heights with immersive and interactive art experiences on Sat, September 14, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. The full list of artists and performers will be released on May 22.

The World Design Policy Conference with be at UCSD Tue, Nov 12 to Wed, Nov 13 2024

World Design Network of Cities Meeting is a forum for public administrators in Tijuana  Fri, Nov 15 2024

World Design Convocation Ceremony is  a symbolic event highlighting the official “handover” of the WDC title from WDC San Diego Tijuana 2024 to the next host city on Sat, Nov 16 2024 

Night-time lighting gives Becky Guttin's piece a magical glow after dark.
Photo courtesy of San Diego International Airport.

One of the first exhibitions at the SD International Airport Espacios & Lines started in March with cross boarder artists. You can read our report - Airport Art: Flying High Again Picked RAW Peeled by Lonnie Burstein Hewitt. Photos by Maurice Hewitt

As well as 
Proyecto ReCREA – Repurposing Waste for Coastal Resilience, the following events are happening in June as part of WDC 2024

Borders Are Imaginary: Co-creating the Future of Innovative Education in San Diego-Tijuana. Co-creating a future of Innovative Education in a transformative one-day workshop in San Diego, blending Design Thinking and play frameworks.   Jun 9, 2024 • 9 am - 3 pm.

The 50th anniversary of Temporary Paradise? (1974), is the inspiration for  Vision 2074. This is a call upon our designers of the region to boldly envision what our region can become in the next 50 years and beyond. Sponsored by World Design Capital San Diego Tijuana 2024 (WDC 2024) multinational teams are encouraged but not required.  Project submission deadline is July 31st.  Submissions to

Some design events are not found on the WDC calendar like Comic-Con Museum, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego and sponsored in part by Cross Border Xpress, announces the opening of Border Blitz: Artistas del Cómic de Tijuana, a binational exhibition which is participating in  World Design Capital San Diego Tijuana 2024 community initiative. The exhibit showcases the work of Tijuana artists Charles Glaubitz, Alejandra Yépiz Portillo, and Urbano Mata, representing three generations.

On June 8 and 9, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD), in partnership with Good Faith and Mortis Studio, will host EXPO, a celebration of publishing, design, music and fashion in San Diego.The first event of its kind and scale in the city, the free EXPO Design Market will showcase local markers, publishers, and creatives from all across San Diego, Tijuana and neighboring communities. 

San Diego Design Week in collaboration with Mingei International Museum will be Wed, Sep 18 - Wed, Sep 25, 2024

In the rest of the website you find the following:

The Community Program page is just a list of design related events but it does not have live links or dates so you have to do more research on these events yourself. But you can go to the top of the site to see the Calendar page. Featured events are at the top, but scroll half way down to get to May/June and look for the pink Arts and Culture events. On the way you can see what you might have missed. On the bottom of most other pages on the site you can see what is featured every day of the current month.

There is a Youth Club page for those under 30 called WDC2024 Club. They offer school credit and special invites. 

There is a Grants page which list the 17 organizations that received funding between $10k - $75K. In the visual arts Casa FamiliarInsiteartThe Design Academy, Inc. were big winners. But Art Produce got $25K and Project [BLANK] and San Diego Craft Collective,  Here & There/ Aquí y Allá design residency all got $10K.

The Legacy Program is the future-focused extension of our vibrant community program which prioritizes investment and support for initiatives with the potential to bring about long lasting transformative regional change. UC San Diego Design Lab was hired to create this program and the Design to Action Networks which should be ongoing. Susanna Peredo Swap Rodolfo Argote are the Arts and culture leads for this program. There are five other subject areas as well.

More info: join their newsletter and go to the site: World Design Capitol 2024 (WDC) SD/TJ

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