Monday, April 16, 2012

UCSD Open Studios 2012

UCSD 2012 Open Studios Crowd from Emily Grenader on Vimeo.

UCSD Open Studios 2012 have come again with this year’s crop of emerging artists. .Sat. April 7, 1-7 pm at UCSD Visual Arts Department, UCSD, La Jolla 92083 More info Sheena Ghanbari 858.822.7755

I have been following the work of several of the UCSD students for a few years now. You see them working as raw students, trying to find their way through the ivory towers of learning. They too many times learn art speak as a way to boast your confidence in their work. I am always drawn to those student willing to talk to me openly and clearly, but sometimes the work does speak for itself.

Josh Tonies presented visually interesting video last year with lots of optical tricks. Interestingly, he was able to do that with still images of ships this year. They appear almost sliced and diced and futuristic and fantasy all at the same time. But at first glance they may appear to just look like a commercial for a cruise. And with Titantic in all the headlines this week, it seems he was riding a wave.

Emily Grenader disarmed me with sly little portraits of chef used on ice cream containers. I loved the whole idea of the glass refridgerated display as an art display. Let’s hope she brings this project to San Diego soon. In the meantime her group portraits which she was assembling from the visitors was charming and you can now see me above about the fourth row down on the left bending over to kiss Katherine Sweetman in a video painting. So much fun!!!.

Brian Zimmerman was there showing his new works and you will get a change to see him at the SDVAN New Contemporaries show at Susan Street Fine art opening on June 7 in Solana Beach.

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