Saturday, August 15, 2015

Farm Creative Market and Art School Art Mural at ArtWalk NTC

by Patricia Frischer

SDVAN is sponsoring FARM Creative Market and Art School Art Mural held at the 10th Annual ArtWalk NTC from August 15 – 16, 10 AM to 6 PM located at Ingram Plaza at NTC at Liberty Station. More info: Paula

Every year San Diego Visual Arts Network sponsors a participation booth at Art Walk and this year we were delighted to give this opportunity to a new art school that will be opening in the fall at the NTC. They will have a large space at 2590 Truxton Road #106)  at Liberty Station.  They will be offering an unusal mix of digital and tradition classes but  there will also be parties, demos, movies and special guest and showcases. Check out their website and watch for more information. 

At their special booth this year, located right at the very front of the  artwalk, they were using an unusual substrate of rigid but light weight board and there were lots of free sample. Guests were invited to try their hand and I understand, you did not have to create "within the lines." The board was supplied by Impact Visual Arts, which is a local company. This looks like a marvelous material for artists.

 It is always fun to see friends at the Art Walk and the folks I talked to said they were having a very good year. Jeff Yoemans, Vicki Leon, and Duke Windsor were all displaying stunning work.  My companion for the day loved John Hung Ha's cats and bought a lovely little painting for less money that a good meal. 

Kaarin Vaughn and her new John Hung Ha

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