Monday, October 12, 2015

Self Reflection: Youth Exhibition of Self Portraiture at Museum of Photographic Arts

article by Cathy Breslaw

Last week  the Museum of Photographic Arts held its Annual Auction in Balboa Park. This combination live and silent auction comprised photos collected over the past year by the Collectors’ Salon and Photo Forum members who through traveling the world,  located the beautiful photographs and limited edition publications.  The partnership with Sotheby’s helped generate a successful auction. The live auction featured photographers Flor Gardufio, Bill Armstrong, Josef Fischnaller, Tamas Dezso, Yao Lu, Ysabel LeMay, Kevin Cooley, Henry Diltz, Yoko Ono, Doug  and Mike Starn, and Hendrik Kerstens. The silent auction represented the work of sixty-eight photographers.  Both auctions are expected to help fund three major learning programs at the museum for children, teens and seniors. Through the Exposure school programs, MOPA teaches underserved youth throughout San Diego how to view photos, how to make their own images and to share their views with others. MOPA’s Teen Voices Collaborative promotes real world problem solving skills by involving them in the museum and encouraging their viewership and participation.  Through Seniors Exploring Photography, Identity and Appreciation, the program seeks to build  confidence with digital photography and 25% of the program is designed for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  These highly valuable programs highlight MOPA’s important connections to the San Diego community.

Alongside the professional photography auctions is an ongoing accompanying exhibition Self Reflection, the 10th Annual Youth Exhibition, which runs through January  24th.  This juried exhibition curated by the museum includes the work of children of all ages in San Diego County and Tijuana.  The theme of self reflection asked for self portraiture, asking students to turn the camera back on themselves. The result is a remarkable display of 121 talented K-12 personalities, and their struggles and perspectives.  Kids as young as five to eighteen year olds participate with works that represent a very young generation of  people who have a tremendous comfort level with the medium of photography – all due to the ubiquitous nature of camera phones. There is a certain freedom, authenticity, and uncensored emotion in the overall feel of this show.  These children are laying their hearts and feelings on the line in a way that most adults don’t have the courage to do. The result is a powerful mix of images that can take your breath away.  The work of these young amateur photographers are worth a visit to MOPA. The student artist opening reception is Friday, November 6,  7:00 – 9:00 pm.  This reception is free to current members with a valid card and each member can bring one guest.
Jennifer Alejandra Perez Romero

Amatur-Raheem Khadijah

Angel Magana

Naves Xcaret

Olivia Reynolds

Aiden Taylor

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