Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Ship in the Woods New Home in Escondido

By Patricia Frischer

Felicita is the inaugural Art Show at A Ship In The Woods’s new location (3007 Felicita Road, Escondido, 92029) Sat June 4 at 4 pm $10 +$3 parking.  With over two acres of lush gardens, oak tree grove, and year round stream, the new SHIP IN THE WOODS will be an incubator for innovative ideas and elevated conversations with world class artists, scientists, and creative minds from all disciplines seeking to enhance our ever changing world view. More info: RJ Brooks  619-218-2737

A large crowd came out to celebrate the new home of A Ship in the Woods. It only took us about 20 minutes to arrive from Cardiff by the Sea. The house was large and modern and much work was on display but it was the grounds that I think are going to prove to be most exciting in this new location. We wondered around the lovely woods with many paths, bridges and a meandering stream. We discovered several works, some hidden and others tucked away but easily available. The exciting future of the art at A Ship in the Woods is site specific and there are many artists able to rise to this challenge. I am very much looking forward to that.  Also I am sure the space looks completely different at night and would be worth a return visit for a completely different experience. Lucky are the artist that get to be seen in this environment.

Lissa Corona was in the process of being covered by cotton candy in a piece called Sweetness when we arrived at about 5 pm. I was mesmerized by the video by Institute for New Feeling called Group. It was a kaleidoscope of borrowed images. It was only the performance by the synchronized swimmers in the backyard pool that drew me away. 

Nothing is labeled in these shows, but you just have to get over that and realize it adds to the process of discovering your own take on the work.  Items with no names....apologies!

Curtis Bracher, Bear Wire with sound

Joanna Jackson, Excalibur, this reproduction of little plastic knife stuck into a large block of clay was great even before I knew the title.

Adam Belt, For Owen. Adam Belt also installed A Mute Encounter  a small enclosure in the garden with fog created by hot and cold air with a red glowing light.

A beautiful voice came out of the forest, reading something and it seemed to be related to this tall thin trees and metal poles...maybe with some sort of light on the top...hard to say as we were not there after dark.

I am ending with the close up of a tiny heart shaped flowers which my husband discovered. There were so many wonderful flowers and interesting foliage and it was a delight just to be in this shade covered oasis from the heat.

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