Monday, June 20, 2016

New Contemporaries at City College: Emerging Artist nominated for SD Art Prize

By Patricia Frischer

2016 New Contemporaries SD Art Prize Nominated Artists will all be showing at City College Gallery (1508 C Street, San Diego 92101) from Sat. June 18 - Thurs. July 14, 2016 with an opening Reception: Sat. June 18, 6 - 8 pm. The artists included are Robert Andrade, William Feeney,  Kim Garcia,  Robert Michael Jones,  Erin Dace Behling,  Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Aren Skalman,  Graham Smith,  Shinpei Takeda,  Paola Villasenor (PANCA),  Nicole Waszak. Two artists from this exhibition will be chosen to receive the 2016 SD Art Prize.

San Diego Visual Arts Network is excited to announce the new Public Choice award for the 2016 New Contemporaries. To allow visitors at City College Gallery to vote for their favorite artists in the exhibition, an addition to our SD View Art Now app was created by Anand Bora, Founder Determinant Studios. Mr. Bora is flying in from India to be present at the closing reception and announcement of the recipients. There will be an extra cash prize for the Public Choice award. Announcements of the recipients will be made on Thurs. July 14 at the end of the City College exhibition. The two emerging artists chosen for the SD Art Prize will in turn select two established artists to mentor them and to be co-exhibitors at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in the spring of 2017. 

The space at City College Gallery is stunning and the art works look glorious in this setting. The show really includes something for everyone from figurative to conceptual and it is a good cross section of the art being produced in San Diego currently by a host of emerging creators. These 11 artists were chosen partly by the SD Art Prize artist from last year and the art professionals that wrote about them in our 2015 catalog along with the committee that produces the SD Art Prize and this year's host. Each person was allowed to nominate one artist. We welcome all who attend the show to vote for their favorite artist. You must be at the venue to vote for the artist you want to win. Over 150 people voted on the opening night.  

Shinpei Takeda: This is the work that greets you in the reception area of the City Gallery. The work is titled Timeline of our Memories (Beta Decay 30

Shinpei Takeda

The artist Shinpei Takeda  with his work.

Shinpei Takeda: view from inside the main gallery looking out at the reception area
Gallery view

Gallery view

Robert Andrade: 1956 - 1972

Robert Andrade Royal

Robert Andrade Plaza

Robert Andrade: Portrait is a particularly stunning reflective work
William Feeney: close up of salt crystals on underwear

William Feeney, Diamond Dust Drawers

William Feeney: graphite tongue titled "Liar"

William Feeney: Black Flag Tour Van

Erin Dace Behling: Tufted concrete and wood bench

Erin Dace Behling: Shingle Armchair

Erin Dace Behling Interpolation II plexiglass and fiberglass table

Nicole Waszak: continues to paint her oldest daughter in an intimate and charming way. Here we have Dali's dream 1 and 2

Nicole Waszak

Sasha Koozel Reibstein  Dark Side of the Moon

Sasha Koozel Reibstein  The Storms of Early Summer

Sasha Koozel Reibstein: How it Starts stunning blue crystal and ceramic work

Sasha Koozel Reibstein Far from Tangerine

Aren Skalman Median (variation) this most intirguing piece was enhanced with green powder and light.
Aren Skalman: These Wheels as seen at the Athenaeum, both this and the following works turn and make a clickity noise

Aren Skalman

Paola Villasenor (PANCA): In Me derito, PANCA takes her fierce work with ice cream colors and actually makes an ice cream bar
Paola Villasenor (PANCA)
Como la flor
Kim Garcia: simply but compelling juxtaposition

Kim Garcia

Kim Garcia

Graham Smith:  Centurion (above) and Bree (below)  brown paper bag creature creations.

Graham Smith :Zoe Tantrum

Graham Smith:  Zara

Graham Smith:  Sophia

Robert Michael Jones: Escaping Existentialism  notice the sand and artifacts below this metal figure holding a live plant

Robert Michael Jones: Ride or Die is full size art aping art or is it ape aping art

Robert Michael Jones: the entire outside fenced in courtyard held a selection of works by this artist which can withstand the outside exposure. This work is titled Liberty.

View of our diverse crowd of artist, collectors, art professionals, family, friends and students

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