Sunday, October 9, 2016

2nd Annual Open Door Open Studios

by Patricia Frischer

2nd Annual Open Studios is produced by Studio Door (3750 30th Street, SD 92104) with a reception: Sat. Oct 8, 6 -9 pm for all the participating artists. The exhibition runs from  Oct 1 to 22. The Self Guided Studio Tours: Sat/Sun Oct 15/16, 10 am to 5 pm. More info; Patric Stillman 619-255-4920. Our thanks to the following artist for the use of their images in our banner which include Linda Litteral: Background, Left to right: Combat Arts San Diego, Julia S Rasor,  Dennis Dizon, Chris Smith, Hyacinthe Baron, Gabriele Bitter, Danielle Nelisse

This is a story about Patric Stillman more than the Open Studios.  He has worked so hard to promote this event which is no small task. He has gathered artists from all over the county and encouraged them to open their studios for a weekend, designed and printed a map showing all the locations, grouped artist so that the public enjoys as many artists as possible in one location, and then finally hosted a group show of all participating artist at Studio Door. This is a huge effort to take on and so it is even more surprising that he was able to start a whole new series of work since Open Studio last year. This work really resonated with me. He is telling the personal story of his family and the one word I would use to describe this lovely subtle works is authentic. He has managed to touch something in himself which is so appealing and so honest. So I think that not only is he an administrator to be admired and praised but also an artist who is an example to all of those who he shelters and supports. 

Patric Stillman - This depicts the story of a relative who in 1915 gave sex education lectures in St. Louis. She charged $600, but one's ladies group was no outrages by the subject matter that they refused to pay her fee. Clipping from the newspaper about her make up the background of this image.

Patric Stillman

Pierre Bounaud - a charming tea set with impeccable technique

Hyacinthe Baron - amazing series of Apsaras which are divine women of paradise. This one is a bark goddess.

Chris Smith

Gabriele Bitter,

Julia S Rasor

Linda Litteral - very interesting back side to these two facing figures. You see small cubicles filled with a variety of white objects.

Manuelita Brown - It is hard to photograph this little bronze figure of a begging man with his face down turned and his shoulders stooped. But I end this report with another truly authentic work of art. Ms. Brown has captured all the sadness and stress of those less fortunate. No, this is not a hopeful work, but it is a very real one.

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