Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Round Up, Brad Maxey, Pablo Llana, Mark Jesinoski, SDAI Gala

by Patricia Frischer

We are so lucky in San Diego to have so much art to see every single month. In October there are 31 events listed just in the first week. Here is a little tiny taste of the most current events I have attended. This does not even include:

Annual San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA) Workshop A+ Art Blog by Patricia Frischer
Cultural District Public Input Meeting Picked RAW Peeled by Patricia Frischer
2nd Annual Open Door Open Studios Picked RAW Peeled by Patricia Frischer

SD Botanic Gardens Sculpture Picked Ripe by Patricia Frischer

Noel Baza Pop UP at Art Produce presenting Brad Maxey's recent paintings (3139 University Avenue, SD 92104, enter through Tostadas Restaurant from 11 am to 6 pm daily, Oct 8 to Nov 9.

Brad Maxey is an artist specializing in realism and he does not disappoint. This genre requires the artist to point something out to the viewer that he might have missed, So it is all about the artist's eye and what he notices in the landscape (cityscape in this case). Maxey manages to magnify our view of the world. 

This mirror glass side of a building cuts the palms that are reflected and makes them appear to be floating up into the air.

Maxey is catching that perfect time in the morning when the world appears to be glowing with light. Noice how the color of the roof, tree trunk, bush and car are all in contrast with the cool colors of the sky and lawn.

EAT - artist Pablo LlanaThink Outside the Box- Basile Studio Artists plus Outdoor light sculptures by architect/artist Adrian Sierra Garcia at basileIE + CMCuratorial  from Oct 8 to Dec 1 (2070 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA 92113)

There are two separate shows in this double roomed space in Barrio Logan. Pablo Llana's work is constructed from junk food wrappers that are crushed together and shellaced. He is speaking to the horror of the eating habits of youth in Mexico who have a very high rate of obesity in the world. 

A close up of the crushed wrappers and some of the smaller works represent the food eaten by one child in one day!

An almost quilt like design, from junk food coverings

The other side of the gallery was filled with works made by the very talented staff of Basile Design Studio
The staff came together and each one was responsible for a small part of this work which says, "FUCK COLLABORATION"

Just a tiny part of the work viewed close up.
Carlos Ulloa presented this prototype of a limited edition table. I have never seen this design before. The back of the draw sticks out of the side of the table side and becomes the handle to open the drawer. Clever, sleek and sexy. 

Mark Jesinoski's one night  exhibit on Oct 8 is titled Speaking in Tongues.  (opening at Negulescu FineArt (1878 Main Street, SD 92113 in the Barrio Logan Arts District). These painting contain cyborgs, puppets, and caricatures and play with themes of religion, bias, fear, politics, and tribalism and are an unfiltered expression of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas we all experience and struggle with today.Jesinoski has a career of helping people, most lately in the work he does with veterans. These powerful new canvases show his own progress as a creative force. He is leaving San Diego to live near Cincinnati with his lovely wife and child and baby on the way.. We wish him luck in his new location and want him to know he will be missed!. 

Mark Jesinoski

Showing at the same time with Mark Jesinoski is a wonderful group of Don Quixote figures by James Watts. They use Watts traditional hammered tin can surfaces that we know and love but combine them with wonderful stone carved horse and man heads that look ancient. The man from la Mancha even has a removable heart. 

San Diego Art Institute annual benefit celebrating 75 years included dinner, live art, and silent auction. It was held at Writerz Blok, 5010 Market Street, SD 92102. Dinner provided Chef Mario Medina, music, dancing, opportunity drawing, silent auction with musical guest Cumbia Machin.

This party menu was colored themed with delicious purple cocktails and a starter of beet soup. After it got dark it was harder to see the colors of what we were eating, but everything was very delicious.


Maria Mingalone, new director of the Oceanside Museum of Art  meeting a whole new group of art folks

Two very long tables within the graffiti of  Writerz Blok made for a wonderful setting.

Irene de Watteville enjoying the company.

Ann Berchtold and David Malmuth, and Karen Gilbert across the table, all great supporters of SDAI

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