Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to Picked RAW Peeled

“The World Turns” as they say, and while there is much to discover and learn, the arts in all its glorious manifestations appear to be turning as well, albeit much quieter.  Our goal with Picked RAW Peeled is to turn up the sound a tad more, increase the volume by exposing the arts and culture being produced here in San Diego to an even larger population – via the written word – for those who may not be within shouting distance.  There are several key elements which contribute to a city’s cultural and artistic heritage, one in particular is more indelible than the ever changing exhibit or theater play, it is the written review.  Those who write about the arts solidify its place in history and insures its continuum.  A benefit that will reach beyond many generations to come. 

We here at Picked RAW Peeled welcome your contributions, in fact we insist (respectfully of course) that you pick up a pen, grab a notebook, go see some art, write about it, and then send it to us so that we may share it with others.  Picked RAW Peeled can and will become a valuable resource and eventual archive of all that is good in the arts in San Diego.  Why don’t you join us?  The pleasure will be ours.

Kevin Freitas

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