Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Public Artists, Private Work, Cannon Gallery Carlsbad

Public Artists, Private Work Since the City of Carlsbad established the Cultural Arts Department in 1985, a number of artists have been featured in the City’s Art in Public Places Program. This show is a rare opportunity to see the private studio work of Carlsbad’s Public Art artists. Public artists include TJ Dixon and James Nelson, Kim Emerson, Raul Guerrero, Paul Hobson, James Hubbell, Ron Juncal, Christopher Lee, Anna O’Cain and Richard Keely, Alber de Matteis, Phillipp Sholtz Rittermann, Michael Stutz, Sylvia Tidwell, Jim Wilsterman and others. July 15 to Sept 16, Reception July 14 from 5 to 7 pm. Cannon Art Gallery Carlsbad City Library complex 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, 92011. More info: Colleen Finnegan 760.434.2900

This show curated by Karen McGuire is well displayed and of so much interest to those who want a better look into the private work of public artists. 
The first thing you see when you enter this show is the stunning figure head by Michael Stutz. I am familiar with this work, but very taken with the additional drawing made by Stutz that were included below. The lines in these drawings seemed more personal and intimate and connected to his hand than the polished feeling I get from the sculptures.

I also was enchanted to finally see the work by Jim Wilsterman. I have read his facebook postings for Grossmont College and he always has interesting news and articles to pass on. But this was my first view of his work and it was impressive. I particularly like his use of mixed media including little dried fish and some unrecognizable mediums that brought a sense of mystery to the works. It is always fun to see miniatures and his were beautifully constructed.

Another surprise were the photographs from TJ Dixon and James Nelson. There fairly realistic full size bronzes grace many  gardens, but these sensitive nudes posed on a chair made a statement because of the series being shown. They don’t often get to show a series of bronzes.

It has been a while since I have seen the work of Christopher Lee and these were featured prominently but it all seemed to be repetitive of work we have seen from Mr. Lee often.

It was a pleasure to see four panel of collage high relief from Kim Emerson. She is a master of this form of creation which is so pleasing, but perhaps lacks a coherent message.

Alber de Matteis delivered a number of works but this undulating metal looks liquid like and was outstanding.

Each of the artists had a tag showing one of their public works and it was very clever of Raul Guerrero to show a related work to his patterned fence design.  This bench scene is one of my favorites as it combines his cartoon shorthand almost in the pose of one of his odalisque figures.

Phillipp Sholtz Rittermann never fails to impress with his large scale hyper detailed photograph. This one contrast the ancient stone figures with a louche young studs.

In my opinion you can never have enough tributes to James Hubbell and this alter like display of four works pays homage to one of our local heros. Mr. Hubbell is not just an artist making object, but a community leader who has enriched all of our lives with his dedication to the San Diego region.

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