Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roots: Synergy Art Foundation Rave

Synergy Art Foundation's 2014 FROM BLANKS 2 BEAUTY (B2B) held at the World Beat Center, 2100 Park Blvd. in Balboa Park, on  Sat, Nov 15, 2014 from 7 pm to 1 am. The theme this year was Roots and tickets are only $35 now or $40 at the door  More info: Naomi Nussbaum 858.509.1155

Every year, this wonderful organization Synergy Art Foundation, holds a fundraising gala evening to raise money to support artist in need and other very worthy project which use the arts to support a non-profit cause. This is the only safety net that most artist might have in times of trouble. The artists come out in force to support this cause and also because it is one of the best parties of the year. This year was the first in the World Beat center and it was full and rocking.

Naomi Nussbaum, Mark Jesonoski,Naimeh Tahna, Kathryn Schmiedebreg, Ali Jesonoski, Meral deMille and Mireille Des Rosier. The dynamic team that made the evening happen.  Photo by Rosemary KimBal

This performance heavy event beginning with Sven Erik Seaholm, multi-talented song writer/performer/ production artist followed by Lily Noden's Dragon Knights stilt walkers. Lily is a long time supporter of Synergy and her performers are thrilling to watch with their poetic gestures and interactive element. For this event they were all in white and absolutely huge with floating wings. Next we were treated to an interactive drumming circle led by the expert Nan Obafo Yaw Asiedu from Ghana. Drums were distributed to many in the audience and after a brief set of instructions off they went with the heart thumping energy that stirs your soul. The wonderful feather bedecked costumes of the Aztec DanceTroupe with a traditional performance, whirled through the room accompanied with the heady smell of incense. This was followed by two exotic and gorgeous belly dancers from the Arabina Dance Company. The audience was seduced.  

Dragon Knights

Nan Obafo Yaw Asiedu with Jonathan Woodward on the left and Mark Jesinoski on the right

Julia Rasor on the drums!

Aztec Dancing Troupe

Arabina Dance Company photo by Rosemary KimBal

The dance part of the evening kicked off  Todo Mundo  “Best World Music Album” 2011 and 2014 winner of the San Diego Music Awards, blending flavors of Reggae, Samba, Gypsy, and Middle Eastern rhythms.  Then the kick ass D.J.,J Cush of Pocket Underground completed the night.  WBC’s amazing vegetarian restaurant, the Prophet. supplied extra food for those who wanted more than the delicious snacks made by the Synergy volunteers. Good wine and beer were available at very reasonable prices.

One of the best parts of the evening is always the Blanks to Beauty silent auction of small format artworks by top local artists, juried this year for the first time by Robert Pincus and Mark E. Lugo. These two well known art professionals chose 31 works from the over 100 submitted. Lucky for us, those works which did not make the cut will be displayed at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery in early January so those who missed this event will have an chance to see and purchase works that all measure only 10 by 10 inches and start at $100. This will be an extra opportunity to support Synergy.


Jess Doninquez and Sean Brennan

Julia Rasor

Marisol de la Casas

Olga Terryazova

Georgia K. Laris

Jena Willard

Jim Bliesner with his own works

Annie Leaf and Kay Colvin

Rosemary KimBal

Debra Poteet and Karen Gilbert

Ellen Speert

Synergy Art Foundation has played a vital role in supporting our local arts community by offering grants to San Diego County artists of all disciplines at a time of crisis.  The organization also provides arts educational programming and healing arts to under-served and at-risk populations. Synergy’s objective is always to unite the local artists and arts organizations, collaborate whenever possible, and raise awareness about the value of arts and culture in our City.  

World Beat Center is a
non-profit institution in Balboa Park dedicated to African and African-American arts and culture through Music, Art, Dance, Education & Technology. Their main goal is then to create unity within diversity.

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