Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ann Weber, Jay Johnson and Adam Belt at Lux

Ann Weber
Am I the only one that has noticed young women collecting cardboard boxes around Encinitas the last few months? One theory for this strange behavior is to aid the artist in residence at the Lux from Nov 15 to Dec 13,  Ann Weber and her work will be on display until Jan 10, 2015 and you can see how she is transformed the humble cardboard, which has been cut into strips and stapled together. They form large strangely satisfying shapes that are coated but still remain fragile enough to have to be kept indoors. 

Weber created works while in residence reflective of the plants in the Lux garden. She also made one huge work looking for a temporary or permanent home in mid-January. And all that cardboard was also used by the multitude of students who visited the artist and was taught the technique in fun lesson plans. The artist who came down from Oakland was one the most favorite visiting artists of the children of our community. The the work appeals to the child in all of us. 

Lux has a wonderful line up of local artist workshops coming up. Watch for Iana Quesnell, Jay Johnson and Adam Belt...all SD Art Prize recipients and Vicki Walsh one of our New Contemporary Artists who is also a visiting artist on display in the Education Pavillion.

Adam Belt and Jay Johnsonare filling the front lobby gallery at the Education Pavillion.

Adam Belt topographical work glow with tiny glass beads

Adam Belt - the area's in between are also glass beads that make this work sparkle in the light
 These mini metal works by Jay Johnson are display in a row above a light box and are the most charming tiny sculptures

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  1. Thank you for sending this Patricia and for the plug about looking for a home for the big sculpture called YOLO. I really enjoyed my residency at the Lux, such a great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. All the Best, Ann