Sunday, August 14, 2016

Art Walk Artist and Craftsman Participatory Project

By Patricia Frischer
Aug 13 and 14
ArtWalk @ Liberty Station is Sat./Sun, August 13 & 14, 10am-6pm. Please visit the SDVAN sponsored participation booth and have fun at the Nature Paper Project produced by Artist & Craftsman Supply (2645 Historic Decatur Road, SD 92106) More info: Sean Christensen 6196151090

Twice a year at the Mission Federal Art Walk in Little Italy in the spring and at the ArtWalk in Liberty Station, SDVAN sponsored a participation booth. This is were you can do a quick project, maybe get your hands dirty and almost always walk away with your own creation. This year Artist and Craftsman Supply had a great project with special photo sensitive paper. 

There were over 200 booths on this sunny day with a cool breeze and mobs of people to enjoy the art and the new Public Market place where we ate lunch at the Mess Hall. Liberty station is becoming a real community center and it was great to see it packed to capacity. And there is masses of more room for lots of development and growth. 

Here you see Deanne Sabeck arrange objects on top of the paper in the dark shadow of a box. Sabeck is normally a glass artist but is a great lover of animals. 

The arrangement is pulled into the sun for about a minutes where the blue paper turns lighter

But the real magic happens with the paper is submerged in a water bath. The places that were covered start to appear white and the background turns blue.

Here is Deanne's final resort. A minute composition and a keepsake for the day of art.

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