Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cheryl Tall, Symbologist Gallery, Terri Beth Mitchell and Mario Terero at CM Curatorial and basileIE

By Patricia Frischer

The delightful Cheryl Tall opens her studio in Leucadia during the holidays each year for a special day. Many works are very reasonable priced and you get a chance to see new ceramic works by this talented sculptor. A special treat is a wonderful band playing cool jazz out front, Endangered Species. 

Cheryl and Bruce Tall

Endangered Species, with Janine Free's husband, Marvin

Symbologist Gallery at 2060 Logan Ave unit C, SD 92113 in Barrio Logan is the newest gallery to open its doors. Kaarin Vaughn is the director and the gallery will feature the work of local visual artists, designers and craftspersons. The space is tall and well finished with good walls and light. There will be an attached gift shop. For more info:

Patricia Frischer and Kaarin Vaughn

The directors Mother Kathy and stepfather John, helping out on the night. 

Anna Siquerious to San Diego from Los Angeles who has a muralism foundation. 

2070 Logan Ave, SD 92113
More info: Chris Martino 858.361.9052
Sat Dec 10 to Sat Feb 4
This is a gallery with two parts and on the west side in Pink/Blue and the east side is Mario Torero. 

Pink / Blue by Terri Beth Mitchell

A humorous study on gender, focusing on visual and verbal designators historically representing male and female.

Homegrown: Mario Torero compiles a mini retrospective of the work of this muralist from Lima Peru, whose father Guillermo Acevedo  was an artist in San Diego and model for the first generation of Chicano artist in this community. 

The artist actively explaining the show to Darwin Slindee

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