Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pause/Play Fleet Science Center

By Patricia Frischer

From Feb 15 to Sept 2, 2019
"Pause|Play is the first exhibition of this magnitude that is developed by the Fleet Science Center in over 20 years," said Paul Siboroski, Exhibits Director at the Fleet Science Center. "This exhibition will definitely create a one-of-a-kind experience for our visitors."

I could not find too much science or too much creativity in this collection of slides, merry-go-rounds, see saws, mazes and ball pools but what fun to see the little ones go beserk like sugar injected trolls. And I think the adults were having just as much fun, as all the equipment was sturdy enough for them to use. 

This exhibition is more like an indoor playground than a one of a kind experience. Very timely as the rain comes down day after day in San Diego which is so unusual. So if you have small children or want to put on a young at heart adult party, now is the time to go to the Fleet. 

Lonnie Hewitt: Young at Heart ALWAYS on my favorite and the most inventive gadget, a spinning top chair. Nope, I did not try it out as ass over tits is not my best angle but Lonnie was a marvel

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