Friday, February 1, 2019

The Studio Door Now Open for Business

Patric Stillman opening remarks
 By Patricia Frischer

The Studio Door Now Open at its new Hillcrest location: 3867 Fourth Avenue, SD 92104 with new tel: 619-255-2867. More info: Patric Stillman

Hillcrest needs a new art gallery to galvanize its Art Renaissance and they are so very lucky to have the Studio Door and Patric Stillman to give them a focus. At the VIP opening ceremonies Patric was given three commendations for city and county officials welcoming him to the neighborhood. 

What I see is a sales gallery surrounded by a huge selection of restaurants with lots of foot traffic. This is an ideal location for creating a new following for a gallery that has paid its dues in North Park. With over twice as many artist studios on the premises it also offers much needed space for artists to create. The gallery itself is modern but instead of being a white box, you can really get an idea of how an art work might look in your own home. 

Some of the select exhibitions will continue like 50 to Watch and the Business of Art Scholarship where Mission Federal ArtWalk and San Diego Visual Arts Network grant a scholarship to an emerging, promising artist will happen in April.  This program affords an incredible opportunity for the winner to fast track their fine art career. But there will be new programs as well including Uptown After Hours art gatherings. A quarterly bus will make Artist Studio Tours.  In collaboration with the SD Art Guide, videos of the artists will be part of the Arts Podcast series. There will be a Ice cream social for Young Arts Patrons in collaboration with San Diego Visual Arts Network and for at least the next 6 months, a dedicated space has been created for the Clay Artist of San Diego, a non-profit that has never had an exhibition space before.

There are only 4 artist work studios still available out of the 16 constructed. So if you are an artist in search of a space, move fast!

Patric Stillman new series of Lovers

Andrea Overturf, Mutton Chop

Andrea Overturf, Grams Experiment

Andrea Overturf, Strongman Entemology #3
Patrick Brown, Cotton Candy at the Fair

Astha Saini, Waiting to Fly

Clay Artist of San Diego, Alison Baldwin, Hummingbird Bowl (only $85!)

Crisinda Lyons, glass plate was also an artist in the old space and tell us the new studios are inspiring her to a whole new series of works. 

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