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Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Hope Inspired through Art at Fallbrook Library

I have a few of my own paintings in a show Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Hope Inspired through Art at Fallbrook Library (124 S Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028) from  March 10 - May 4, I am starting to show my own art again as I make time in my life for more of my own creations.  Some of these works were created in England after our trip to India, for example the following two: Brave Hand and Power Digits My work for this show is about the sense of safety that a child needs to grow up confident and how they turn to adults to supply that security,

Patricia Frischer

Patricia Frischer

Patricia Frischer

Patricia Frischer

Patricia Frischer

My dear friend Kira Carrillo Corser, Co-founder Compassionate ARTS in Action  ( 510.684.4651) has been working with Fallbrook Library Arts to put this multi-media project together and includes much more than just an art exhibition with poetry, music and video performed at the opening. 
Kira Corser's idea was to showcase how art might help reduce the huge suicide rate which continues to escalate in children and teens.  How can that be achieved? The exhibition highlights how parents and our society as a whole needs to be involved to protect our children. They need to make sure children are not abused, that they are loved and educated. Children need to find their voices and be aided to define themselves. The Arts can play a large role in empowering them to do that and to heal from past horrors or even just subtle belittlings.  Some of the artists in the show revealed their own frightening episodes and how the arts helped them to overcome fear. Others admitted they are still frightened and turn to art regularly to express themselves and find solace. 
I hope you can visit this beautiful area of San Diego County during the run of the exhibition. You can read more  and see a selection of images from this exhibition below.
Kira Carrillo Corser (Fallbrook), Patricia Frischer (Cardiff), Aldonia Bailey (Pasadena), Heather Bonds (Alameda), Helen Redman (San Diego), Renee Scott-Femenella (Sacramento), Brecia Kralovic-Logan (San Diego), Adeola D-aiyeloja (Redlands),Sergio V. Sanchez Mereno (La Hambra), Marilyn Huerta (San Marcos), Jennifer Colby (Monterey/Aromas) and Grace Adams (Oceanside).

Kira Carrillo Corser "We need more art programs that give a meaningful voice to life experiences so kids don't feel so alone. Art classes are often the place where youth can talk about issues and get understanding and help," said Kira Carrillo Corser. She has worked with schools, universities and community groups for 30 years. Kira worked as a photographer and journalist for KPBS TV and Radio in San Diego and then taught Social Justice art at CSU Monterey Bay and promoted meaningful art classes as Director of Arts in Education in Monterey County. 

Helen Redman

Aldonia Bailey works at a shelter for homeless families, and she said the child often becomes the parent when the family is in crisis.

Heather Bonds

Marilyn Huerta

Jennifer Colby 

Adeola D-aiyeloja
Sergio V. Sanchez Mereno

Renee Scott-Femenella

Grace Adams

Brecia Kralovic-Logan

The exhibition titled, " Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Hope Inspired Through Art, based on a poem by Maya Angelou. Teen suicide is soaring and Black and Brown youth teens currently have the highest rate of attempted suicide.  We feel youth need a way to find more hope. Art can uniquely give voice to their feelings, validate experience and strengthen supports. This exhibit brings together stories, photography, paintings and fabric art from the perspectives of 12 artists who work to help kids and youth, plus collaborative artwork created with professional artists in this show and 40 students from Fallbrook High and CSUSM, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The opening reception is March 15, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, with a special performance by Fe Love, a Los Angeles award winning spoken word artist at 7:00 pm, a jazz poem by Aldonia Bailey from Pasadena, and a flute song by nationally known composer, author and Vista resident, Maria Kostelas.  The 12 visual artists in this show are: Kira Carrillo Corser (Fallbrook), Patricia Frischer (Cardiff), Aldonia Bailey (Pasadena), Heather Bonds (Alameda), Helen Redman (San Diego), Renee Scott-Femenella (Sacramento), Brecia Kralovic-Logan (San Diego), Adeola D-aiyeloja (Redlands),Sergio V. Sanchez Mereno (La Hambra), Marilyn Huerta (San Marcos), Jennifer Colby (Monterey/Aromas) and Grace Adams (Oceanside).
Every child needs a Safe Harbor, a place they can feel hopeful, so some of the life Issues in this show include coping with Safety & Justice; Immigration; Climate Change, Refugees, Suicide and Illness, balanced with Love, Compassion and Peace. This collection of art, is brought to the library by Kira Carrillo Corser, a Fallbrook artist and co-founder of Compassionate ARTS in Action. Posts for Peace and Justice and Compassionate ARTS in Action is a partnership of artists working with students, communities and nonprofits to paint "Visual Conversations" - artwork on 8-foot painted Posts. Posts will be on display at the library reception and some will continue to exhibit until May 4th. These posts were made by local Fallbrook High Migrant Ed students, along with posts made with CSU San Marcos students, Los Angeles and San Diego youth and teacher/artists.

A special event designed to help people build resilience will be on March 31st, when composer and author Maria Kostelas will perform her one person interactive Literary Concert, "The Gift of the Singing Stick: Through Healing Your Worst Tragedy You Can Discover Your Greatest Gift."

The work in this exhibition strives to promote hope, to encourage community support, and envision a better more compassionate future of peace and justice.  Come see what they all have to say about overcoming life obstacles and building hope!

More background:

Since, kids cope better when they don't feel alone, when they have a group of friends or family where they feel heard.  So the opening night reception will include painted collaborative Posts for Peace and Justice  created with:

·       Fallbrook High's Migrant Education Students, California State University San Marcos and local Fallbrook and San Diego and Los Angeles artists
·       Refugee Students in El Cajon and San Diego
·       Compassionate ARTS in Action's Posts with Black and Brown Youth from Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Pasadena

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