Monday, July 1, 2019

Adam Belt at Quint Gallery

by Patricia Frischer

Adam Belt: Almost There at Quint Gallery  (5171 Santa Fe Street, SD 92109) until July 6, 2019

This exhibition is so well thought out that I have to say Belt belted one out of the park.  You walk by some quite subtle low relief topography wall work in a muted grey but with tiny glass beads that gleam in certain light from certain angles.  As you round the corner into the larger space you are struck by the appearance of a lighted bolt which appears to be a crack in the far wall. But to get to that you come across two cauldrons one all white and one with a turquoise tint (like tarnished copper)  filled with the most lovely naturally formed crystals. If you have followed Belt's work you know that there is a yin/yang balance  played out between science and religion in his work.

Close up detail of wall work above

Natural patterns which seem to have been created from rivulets of liquid like streams and tributaries or branching frost 

On closer inspection the lighted crack in the wall looks like it goes all the way to China even through it is at the most 4 inches deep or maybe even less.

The following two works are called Rock of Ages. This very natural looking rock is actually constructed from layers of natural materials of graduated  ages from very ancient to current held together with glue,.

This mottled stone is actually made of communion wafer compacted and glued. This one is cracked open like a geode and salted with a solution to make crystals.

Close up of crystals

Crystal making solution in center of cauldron. 

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