Friday, July 26, 2019

Athenaeum Annual Juried Exhibition July and August, 2019

Second place winner Charles Ingham, Handstand

by Patricia Frischer

The 28th Annual Juried Exhibition runs from July 20–August 24, 2019 at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla. This is a show we always look forward to viewing. The following is a personal selection and does not show the wide selection made by the jurors: Anthony GrahamAssistant Curator, MCASD and Alana HernandezCuratorial Fellow, MCASD.

Many of the works were in back of glass and had too much reflection to record, such as Spider Women by Cal Nez, Old Fashion Date Base by Don Fike, and Speechless by Bridget Rountree. The surface of La Jolla Fields by James Kendall Higgins also showed reflections and the photo of it did not translate the depth of the image which was minimalist. So we encourage you to go and see this show for yourself

It is always good to see familiar faces included, especially if new work is shown and there were several SD Art Prize artists in the show including Kevin Inman, Vincent Robles, Erin Dace Behling. And this is a wonderful opportunity to discover talent new to us. 

Jessica Findley, Korean Nobles in the Chihuahuam Desert - notice how these folks are taking a selfie!

Kirby Kendrick, Sistine Pop 2! - displayed high on the ceiling and great fun. 

Carlos Castrejon, Suspendido - sorry about the bit of reflection in this deep shadow box for this great drawing on cloth with weights and pulleys

Kevin Inman, This guy called the cops on me for painting

Kline Swonger, Five Foot Eight

Kline SwongerFive Foot Eight details - using asphalt emulsion on cardboard with wire steel

3rd Prize winner, Kaori Fukuyama, Chasm

Vincent Robles, Texture series, wood and drywall

1st prize winners, Vincent Robles,  Bienvenidos

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