Thursday, January 13, 2022

Trifecta: Art, Science, Patron at La Jolla Historical Society

 By Patricia Frischer

Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton
Dr. Reuben Shaw
Elegant simple shape, complicated materials and construction

Marcos Ramírez ERRE, the De La Torre Brothers, Siobhan Arnold, David Adey, 
Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton, Debby and Larry Kline,
Mely Barragan, Christopher Puzio,
Cesar and Lois Collective and Wendy Maruyama.  
Now that is a major line-up of talent and they do not disappoint. Curated by Chi Essary and with an absolutely stunning catalog, we were pleased to see this show before it closed. Hopefully this report and the catalog will be a permanent memory of such talent coming together.

The show is a trifecta because these artists were each assigned to a different endowed chair scientist recipient at the Salk Institute. The endowment ($3 million for each chair) is the patron part of the title. These scientists are working on cures for disease and asking those important questions like why do we age, how can we save the planet? What the artists (even ERRE) all discovered was that answers did not come in black and white. The research has shown that finding one answer might lead to more complications. So thank goodness we have these beautiful  visual  images to remind us that life is good and with that beauty comes hope. 

Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton (detail)

Wendy Maruyama
Dr. John Reynold
Ripples of memories reflected in the mirror like surface, more distorted as the piece progresses.

Wendy Maruyama

Wendy Maruyama (detail)

Mely Barragan
Dr. Kay Tye
Trying to connect biologically or culturally.

David Adey
Dr. Jan Karlseder
Dolly the cow  entangled in loops of knowing and unknowing,

Cesar and Lois Collective
Dr. Joanne Chory
Proposing an artificial intelligence that learns from nature not from humans. 

Marcos Ramírez ERRE
Dr. Clodagh O'Shea
Trying to make a black and white world that we can control,

Marcos Ramírez ERRE (detail)

De La Torre Brothers
Dr. Gerald Shadel
The good changes to the bad changes to the good changes to the bad.

De La Torre Brothers

De La Torre Brothers (detail)

Christopher Puzio
Dr. Geoffrey Wahl
Metaphors within metaphors,

Christopher Puzio (detail)

Siobhan Arnold
Dr. Susan Kaech
A secret little message inside of every lymph gland.

Siobhan Arnold (detail)

Debby and Larry Kline
Dr. Thomas Albright
Truth hidden and revealed and hidden and revealed.

Trifecta: Art, Science, Patron
La Jolla Historical Society Wisteria Cottage Gallery
780 Prospect Street, La Jolla
HOURS: Wed-Sunday, 12-4 p. m. through January 16. Free admission.
(858) 459-5335

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