Saturday, July 23, 2022

Multiple Insights at R.B. Stevenson Gallery

Deanne Sabeck
by Patricia Frischer

During the lazy hazy days of summer lots of sales galleries feature artists from their stable. When the galleriest eye is good, these shows are just as satisfying as a well curated theme show or solo exhibition. At R.B. Stevenson Gallery you also get that extra service which makes it a pleasure to learn more about the talent that produced the works on the walls.  Plus, make a simple request to see more work and in this lovely space they will pull art of the stock and let you sit and contemplate it.  

Molly McCracken and Deanne Sabeck in installation

The star for this current show for me was the dichroic glass wall sculptures by Deanne Sabeck. These very special works seem to float and bend the light. They create a magic effect with no moving parts or special light, but by their sheer presence. 

Molly McCracken - layers of paint are applied and wiped off becoming more and more opaque. Ron allowed me touch the surface which is super smooth and even soft.  

Molly McCracken (detail)

Peter Stephens (not on display but from the shelves)

Peter Stephens - these work start with paint sample and then acrylic pens are used to hand draw every stripe. 

Geoffroy Tobé

Chris Trueman

Rex Yuasa

Rex Yuasa (detail)

Judith Foosaner  - This large work might have started with the sketch below...maybe figurative, maybe abstract, maybe language, maybe a way to let your own imagination soar. 

Judith Foosaner 

Charles (Chuck) Arnoldi

Other artists in this display include: Jimi Gleason, Therese Herron, Wayne Hulgin,  Mark Perlman. Works range from $1000 to $16,000.

R.B. Stevenson Gallery
July 23 to August 27th Opening reception: Sat. July 30th from 5 to 8 pm.
7661 Girard Ave, La Jolla 92037
Moe info: Ronald B, Stevenson 858.459.3917

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