Saturday, July 23, 2022

Gary Lang at Quint Gallery & Dana Van Horn at The Museum of _

 by Patricia Frischer

Gary Lang's Waving -  NFT

Gary Lang: Stars
Quint Gallery
June 4 to July 30

The five four-pointed star shapes created by Gary Lang reside in the long room at Quint Gallery. I could not help wanting to see these shaped canvases, point to point instead of separated by so much space, but maybe they were trying to reproduce a feeling of a constellation in the sky. But the eye opener for me was being able to see my first NFT work, projected in a space of it’s own, also by Lang. You see them online, but this light filled circle was radiant.  


Gary Lang

Gary Lang

Dana Van Horn: Caught
Quint's The Museum Of__

A room within a room with it’s door was the perfect venue for Dana Van Horn’s 441 realist portraits. On view is a selection of 441 realist portraits by Dana Van Horn. The are subtle changes of color but mainly black and white watercolors. Evidently one was made every night and together they are a wonderful wall paper of humanity.


Dana Van Horn

Dana Van Horn

We always enjoying seeing the work of Kim MacConnel (SD Art Prize 2009) and the painted chair is a delight.  There are a couple of works by Roman de Salvo (SD Art Prize 2007) and this table sculpture is a conversation starter. We understand Adam Belt (SD Art Prize 2011) will be included in the next display.  SD Art Prize

Kim MacConnel

 Roman de Salvo


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