Saturday, October 29, 2022

Unfolding: Allied Craftsman at James Alan Rose Art Gallery at Francis Park School

by Patricia Frischer

Irène de Watteville I love to absorb the absurd.

Clay, metal, fibers, wood, glass, paper are the materials but the craftsmen and craftswomen turn these medium into art. This was a first visit to the little gem of a gallery, the James Alan rose Gallery at the Francis Parker School. We were greatly impressed with the campus and the facilities of the art department…a university quality for a high school. So it is especially important for the students of the school to see the work by the best of our best crafts artists in San Diego. A visit to the Allied Craftsmen website will give you a deeper dive into the artists in this exhibition and we decided to let them speak for themselves. 

There are many others in this show, so please, experience this space for yourself. Some of it was just too difficult for us to photograph at the crowded opening.  It is to the right of the entrance to the campus. 

Irène de Watteville

Irène de Watteville

Irène de Watteville

Cheryl Tall  “My desire for the harmonious existence of human beings with nature is represented by figures that become a refuge for birds and animals

Cheryl Tall 

Cheryl Tall 

Kathleen Mitchell “I can walk into a glassblowing studio anywhere in the world and know how to communicate. Glass is a visual language. It could be a nod or a gesture and you know your job."

Kathleen Mitchell

Wendy Maruyama If a viewer can take away or gain something new from something I have made, then I feel that I have succeeded.

Gail Schneider I am a woman who grew up next to the Hudson River and the Catskill mountains, a world that has always called to me to enter into a lure of risk.

Ross Stockwell Wood is a naturally beautiful material. So a wood carver’s job is to invent forms that are at least as interesting as the wood itself.

Ellen Fager “A good pot is like a tree or a stone, individual and inevitable.

Ellen Fager

Viviana Lombrozo Art helps us to expand our understanding of our fellow humans, our world, and ourselves

A wee shout out to the clever foodist that arranged these lovely platters. They are artist themselves. 

Our dear friend Irene de Watteville is a new member of this group and we noticed how pleased she was to be included. 

Unfolding: Allied Craftsmen
James Allen Rose Gallery at Francis Parker School
6501 Linda Vista Road, SD 92111
Opening Hours M-F 8am - 4pm
or by appt email 
Jaclyn Enck  at
Showing until Dec 9, 2022

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