Thursday, May 11, 2023

Encinitas Pacific View Art Center Update May 2023

by Patricia Frischer 

One of three lovely remaining hopscotch patterns on the concrete at the new Pacific View Art Center in Old Town Encinitas

Hopscotch is a popular playground game in which you toss a stone into a small rectangles outlined on the ground.  You then hop through the spaces and retrieve the object. Hopscotch is a physical and cognitive workout. Creating a new art center is similar in nature. We plan, we throw out ideas, we hop(e) and so far at Pacific View, we win. 

The city of Encinitas is  6 months into the reconstruction efforts and right on time for  an opening in the summer of 2024. These kind of projects are full of compromises and although there are many lovely things lost from the original building, it is now 2023 and there are many new protective laws that need to be in place to make the building safe for all and fully functional. But the bones of this building are so good and you can already tell that it will be a truly lovely environment for arts and culture activities. 

A Roman De Solvo like sculpture that will be covered by chip board. Nice to know there is faux art between the walls.

The bonus of fabulous redwood planks uncovered and able to be used. 

Mid-century window frames lovely refitted with new glass to come. 

Stacks of new material for the new heating and air conditioning to assure climate control.  

Stunning blue sky, like the new wide variety colors that will soon adorn the outside walls. 

Two interpretations of the new color schemes by designers


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