Sunday, June 18, 2023

Becky Guttin at SIP Art Space in San Marcos

 by Patricia Frischer

Becky Guttin at SIP Art Space curated by Kathryn Kanjo, Director /CEO Museum of Contemporary Art with a reception Sat. June 17 from 4-7pm and showing until July 28th.   Also exhibiting at CECUT Centro Cultural Tijuana curated by Smadar Samson with a reception Fri. July 14 at 7 – 9 pm and showing until Oct 22

A big hurrah to Becky Guttin for receiving this wonderful recognition of a dual city retrospective. This intimate show of drawings at SIP was very carefully selected by Kathryn Kanjo, Director /CEO of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. The exhibition is entirely drawings on paper, a medium which is dear to my heart. I love the directness of the artist’s hand being seen as marks on a page. 

Guttin has created a communication style of her own which seem very related to a written language. Many of the marks are similar to letters and the stories they write, though hidden, look like clues to messages. The trick is that you have to figure out yourself what you want them to mean.  Yes, there are building and plants but many seem to be arranged like maps, others like encryption systems. Decoding the dna of this work would take you into a deep dive of the life of Becky Guttin. Like a Sphinx, this women with her lovely Cleopatra hair and kolh eyes might always remain a mystery.

Detail from above

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