Thursday, June 1, 2023

Robert Xavier Burden: Relics at Oceanside Museum of Art

by Patricia Frischer

Fay Wray in King Kong's mighty hand

Don't miss Robert Xavier Burden: Relics at Oceanside Museum of Art which is only showing 
until Sunday, June 4, 2023 In Honor And Memory Of Curator Bob Self . This is a terrific show to take the kids to and Saturday and Sunday are perfect days for a family outing.

Most kids play with action figures at some point as testified by moms and dads stepping on them when the kiddos have not put them away. But Robert Xavier Burden has taken the images of these figures to a whole new level. He has morphed some of our historical figures into heros(?). He grants these figures a status that is above and beyond even some of the movies they appear in. And yes, he says,” There is an obvious irony in spending thousands of hours to create a single painting that glorifies a cheap, mass-produced toy.” But for many of us, thoughts of childhood represent freedom and these works are awe inspiring. 

Kong in all his glory

Black and Pink  Panther 

So much to see including below Queen Elizabeth and Dictator Putin. 

Most of the works are on a truly grand scale, but this small work gives you an idea of the study taken to include dinos of all kinds. 

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