Friday, August 31, 2012

Luminous Passage

Article by Patricia Frischer

We are so lucky in San Diego to have a selection of artists who work in glass. Unfortunately there is no gallery that specializes in this contemporary medium. So it was a treat for the whole art glass community who turned out in force to see the latest work by Michelle Kurtis Cole and Deanne Sabeck at the L Street Gallery. Deanne gave us some new intimate works that were affordable and could be grouped to make a spectacular display. She use light as medium and the reflections of these pieces are actually more important than the pieces themselves in many ways. It is the whole package of color, movement and light that makes theses works extraordinary.

Deanne Sabeck
In depth article on Deanne Sabeck by Kay Colvin in the Coast News

Michelle Kurtis Cole

I heard many comments about how Michelle had raised the bar on her works. Not only were they spectacularly displayed in custom light boxes but works of this size and depth are most unusual. They captivated us and did indeed set the standard for fusion glass in San Diego. Some of these works took month of kiln time with firings too numerous to mention. Michelle has to baby sit the ovens and make sure that the works are developing just perfectly. She used rare colors and invents techniques that make these one of a kind.  There is much cold working of the glass in between firings and toward the end of the process for finishing. None of that matters when judging the works, but it all goes toward making them so special, honest and true so they speak to those who listen.


Michelle Kurtis Cole

Michelle Kurtis Cole

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  1. Wonderful expressions of the artistic spirit. Love the description of the process and innovation required to realize these pieces. Just beautiful like Michelle herself.

    Deanne's pieces really come from another place like the chakras we are made of but cannot see with our eyes. Wonderful work...

    -Marti Blair