Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Contemporary Art Installtions for SD County Buildings.

We should all acknowledging the artists whose work is included in the new County Operations Center collection.in the newly constructed Office Buildings and Campus Center. (5510-5550 Overland Drive - Farnham at Ruffin Rd) You can park for free at 5520 when you go to see these  fabulous large commission sculptures in the lobbies of the five building. On each of the four floors when you leave the elevator are the constructed displays by Jay Johnson (SD Art Prize recipient). We congratulate the county for embracing these large scale works and the wonderful interiors of the modern new buildings of the complex.  This is a world class display. We have included a special video by Sean Ward about the installation by Anne Mudge.

Also works by Ellen Salk, Italo Scanga, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Manny Farber, Glen Crooks
For more information, please contact
Gail Goldman of Gail M. Goldman Associates
(858) 490-9270 or gail@gmgassoc.com

Read Lonnie Hewitt's article in the La Jolla Light: Someplace special 

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