Friday, August 31, 2012

The Art of Sound in San Diego

The Art of Sound in San Diego included interactive sonic sculpture and installations, stage performances and pop up gallery performances, listening stations and video installation. The Art of Sound in San Diego Presented by  Open Arts Collective at Space 4 Art Sat. August 25, 6-9 pm. (325 15th St, SD 92101) More info: Cara Mia Ciasulli  619.309.8537

John Chalmers
Triadic Transformations
Digital Prints Based on Xenharmonic Music Theory. These works depict the melodic and harmonic transformations of musical scales based on triads, Mediants, and Dominants as the tuning of their constructing intervals changes over the span of an octave.

Jason Ponce

Jason Ponce,  Primal Screen
Primal Screen is an interactive multimedia experience that offers no content other than what the visitors provide. It presents a series of brief but intimate encounters with the inner lives of the friends and strangers that surround us, encapsulated in a single moment of expression, vulnerability and catharsis. Visitors are encouraged to contribute to the work by recording a scream according to the instructions found in the recording area. The scream itself can be one of happiness or frustration, joy or anger, tension or release. Recorded screams are played back in random order in the viewing area.
Cooper Baker

Cooper Baker, Ringtones
Ringtones is an interactive sound sculpture that generates algorithmic music based on any ten digit number dialed by a participant. Ten digits equates to ten billion unique phone numbers which means the phone is capable of creating ten billion unique pieces of music. The phone's original circuitry was modified and a microcontroller was grafted into useful parts such as the keypad, hook, indicator light, and speaker. The microcontroller senses the state of the earpiece, waits for a phone number, then configures and plays the synthesis algorithm to create a piece of music.

Berglind Tómasdóttir

Also of note on view: Joe Monzo Tonescape  Berglind TómasdóttirThe Origin Of Things explores cultural roots and heritage.

All photos by Cara Mia Ciasulli except John Chalmers which is produced by the artist.

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