Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Art at the SD Airport: Flying HIght

The Art Program at the International Airport is directed by Constance White. Ms. White has brought  energy, elegance and excellence to our city. The airport is a pride and joy and the best introduction any visitor could have to our county. 

I was  lucky enough to get a guided tour of the new additions to the west of terminal two. One of the most impressive installations is that of Jim Campbell called The Journey. It stretches down the length of the gates and the lights flow and glow.

I was struck by the intense detail of construction in every direction. There was such attention given to each aspect of this impressive project.


The food court is especially attractive, with multiple option from local sources but all unified in design aethetic. The giant chandelier set the tones for fine dining instead of speed eating.

The new art gallery is a true jewel in the crown for artist who are also represented by a large number of changing exhibition throughout the airport. Next year the theme for the shows will be featuring art and science combination in keeping with our own DNA of Creativity project. . In visiting a few other airports during this holiday season, it is very apparent how shining and new our own is in comparison. Even the restrooms are exciting and have a true stamp of life in our fair city with ever changing video vistas. And still to come are two special rooms - one a media installation and a meditation room, plus a few more surprises yet to be revealed.

Painting by Leslie Nemour. in the new art gallery

View on the way into the men's loo


  1. Exhibition in the airport's West End Gallery in photograph is by Leslie Nemour.

  2. Paintings not photography by Nemour. Thanks for updating.

  3. Sorry, these are paintings not photographs by Leslie Nemour. The gallery is closed until they get a building certification so I had to see the works through the glass. I am told by Constance White that the gallery will be open fully in the future.