Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Cannon Art Gallery Juried Biennial

The Cannon Art Gallery’s 2014 Juried Biennial was juried by Tina Yapelli, Director of the University Art Gallery at San Diego State University, and John D. Spiak, Director and Chief Curator of the Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana. The exhibition features 66 works of art by 34 artists. The exhibition runs from Dec 14, 2014 to Feb 7, 2015

This was truly a show with something for everyone and this is only a small selection from this quality show. 

Annette Cyr presents this charming 3-d combo

Brian Canfield light box of glass is the Incredible Hulk

Impressive to see these new cold worked glass pieces by Dick Ditore

Don Fike's photo of this line of beach feathers was poignant

Fritzie Urquhart's climber is made mainly from paper and it is so fascinating that this slim elegant women sculpts robust and hearty female forms.

Gail Schneider never fails to intrigue us with these footed branches

Ralyn Wolfstein stand entranced by Irene de Watteville's ceramic centerpiece that you can see in more detail below

Joyce Corum shows us her selection of pins and clips

Leslie Nemour's painting is fun when you read the title Fist Fight over Realism

This detail show the stitchery of a large oval work by Michelle Montjoy called Thumbsucker


  1. Narrowing the field:
    Irene de Watteville's ceramic piece is pure, delightful camp.
    If her studio is producing more of this quality work, we should all want to attend any future exhibitions.
    Leslie Nemour's painting, "First Fight Over Realism" packs a punch!
    To my eye, the painting style seems to reference Corbet's realism.
    ( unconscious I'll presume) Nevertheless, that reference only reinforces the authority of the work as a whole and deepens the irony of the title, sharpens the humor and lends an added poignancy

  2. Thanks Vallo....Courbet was certainly in the back of my mind!