Friday, December 26, 2014

Raymond Elstad captures SDVAN Holiday Potluck Lunch

Raymond Elstad managed to capture the flavor and feeling of our annual 2014 SDVAN Holiday Potluck Lunch in this series of images he is sharing with us.

Kaz Maslanka

Patricia and Darwin's home, rather shabby chic

Cellephane fish from Sea Changes: Act with additional works by Patricia Frischer

Happy feel of Michelle Kurtis Cole with new shoes from the accessory exchange

Huge spread of food as always with special birthday wishes for Rosemary KimBal

Painting with sculpture inspiration by Patricia Frischer

Another painting with found object inspiration, this time a pitcher

Champagne cork greetings in the form of a wreath

Birthday girl Rosemary KimBal with baby Jesinoski

Patricia Frischer Bottomless Pits sculpture with Michelle Kurtis Cole glass plate

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