Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Artist Odyssey Launch Party


Artists To Perform Live for The Artist Odyssey Launch Party at 3RDSPACE
Four renowned artists will create and perform live at the event
On Saturday, April 18th, arts and music lovers will converge at 3RDSPACE to celebrate the launch of The Artist Odyssey’s (TAO) Kickstarter campaign and meet featured artists.  This event is free with advance RSVP or $5 at the door.

Performances and artwork at the launch party will include:

  • Mimi Wada will perform her dramatic large-scale Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy, using a giant brush to create a message with the sumi-e ink as she dances across a 10’x10’ Washi scroll.
  • Mixed-media artist Trinh Mai incorporates family heirlooms and found objects to create deeply-personal collages.
  • Folk singer, songwriter, artist, and poet Roy Ruiz Clayton will be playing a short set and showing some of his paintings.
  • Americana singer-songwriter Nena Anderson will be performing several of her songs for the audience.
  • Tintypes from Jen Jansen and Giles Clement, two leaders in the resurgence of wet plate photography. Jen and Giles have captured most of the artists TAO has interviewed with the dramatic Civil War-era tintype process and 12 of the plates will be on display.

WHAT: Launch Party for The Artist Odyssey Kickstarter Campaign
WHEN: April 18th at 7-10 PM
WHERE: 3RDSPACE in University Heights: 4610 Park Blvd
COST: Free in advance with RSVP, $5 at the door (if available)
CONTACT: Jennifer Coburn: jen@kdrpr.com or 619.838.0125

The Artist Odyssey (TAO) is an arts network that interviews artists and supports arts education. TAO’s artist documentaries put the audience in the gallery or studio with leading photographers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, and performing artists. Viewers will see the work and hear from the artists in their own words.   
Founder and UCSD alumnus Chris Fessenden says inspiration for TAO stemmed from being surrounded by artists. “I had a great-aunt who was a professional photographer engaged in both photojournalism and fine art photography,” he explains. “My parents were both involved in the arts and now our daughter is a budding artist.  But the biggest inspiration was being fortunate enough to observe several friends take the journey in the arts, as they grew from novice in their niche through years of struggle and exploration before finally evolving into accomplished and professional artists.  Sharing a look into that often-magical journey is our mission.”
In addition to documenting artist stories, part of TAO’s mission is to support arts education.  The interviews will include lessons that can be used by arts educators or anyone at home.  TAO’s long-term goal is to give the curriculum away for free.  In the initial phases, each subscriber will be able to pick a classroom to receive the arts curriculum for free on behalf of the subscriber.  
“Our commitment to documenting artist stories and supporting arts education stems not just from our passion for the arts.  The arts can teach people how to interact with others, how to communicate, how to feel good about themselves, and how to become thoughtful, productive members of society,” Fessenden adds.  “The creativity that the arts foster is vital across so many facets of our society - it’s far too important to neglect.”

TAO has established partnerships with several arts organizations, including UCSD  ArtPower!, San Diego Visual Arts Network, Vanguard Culture, the Bronx Artist Documentary Project, and the Filmatic Festival, among others, to collaborate on arts events, content, and arts education initiatives.  

Fine Artist Trinh Mai in her studio with TAO producer Chris Fessenden

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