Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sparks Gallery: Art Family Style

Grand Opening: One on One of the Sparks Gallery( 530 Sixth Avenue, SD, 92101) on Sunday March 1, 6 -11 pm and showing until April 29. We have been waiting since 2013 when we presented New Contemporaries VI at this lovely space in the Gaslamp for it to open with a whole new interior. More info: Sonya Sparks 619-696-1416

How often have you gone into a gallery with large white walls and although you have been impressed by the art, you have had trouble envisioning it in your own home. My first impression of the Sparks Gallery, now that it has been renovated, was that of an inviting home setting. The warm brick walls and handsome original floor are just two of the thoughtful details that enhance this space and make it welcoming. Sonya Sparks' mother  advised on the interior details of the project and her father who is a lawyer is giving professional business advice especially on contracts.  Time will tell if Ms. Sparks can build a family of collectors to support her keen eye and it will be a pleasure to see her and her very supportive family succeed. Here are some photos of the space and the wide range of works including in this first survey show of her selection of local artists.

View of the front window installation by Vincent Robles with the owner's father

First view, bar and balcony above with office space

View from the walk way down to the bar

View at the back of the space

View at the back near the door to the outside back deck with the lovely Kaarin Vaughn

Outside with the owner Sonya Sparks
Large mural by Monty painting on one of the new structural re-enforcements

Polly Jacobs Giacchina: great folded straw weaving

Jennifer Anderson created this high relief carving embellishment for the small side table. Truly functional art.

Daniel Dust's hyper-realistic painting - Guns and Roses revival.

Roy Kerckhoffs presents this large very compelling work and the star of the show as it lines and finish exactly coordinate with the building structure.

Steven Florman charmed us with this small but or so touchable wood sculpture

Vincent Robles series of chairs progress from raw to finished.

Jewelry Display
Glass artist Michelle Kurtis Cole modeling bracelet by Alexandra Hart

Bracelet detail

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