Monday, March 9, 2015

Oceanside Art Walk by Vanessa Christie

Oceanside long known for its military connections is now home to an Arts District. 

Oceanside Arts Walk is a monthly art walk taking place on the first Friday of each month. The current show is “Zen of a Woman” in honor of Women’s History Month and features primarily female artists and performers.

The opening Friday March 6th featured performances by Kelly Halloran, Taylor Thickner, and Blown Fuse, as well as Traditional Irish Band and site specific performances. The event was curated by Gailee Walker Wells. Some of the art will remain on display through the month of March. Next months them will be “Listen to the Music of the Art” with an opening the first Friday of April.
Oceanside Arts Walk:

Ruth Jameson is the “Zen of a Woman” featured artist with one of her images on the “Zen of a Woman” brochure. Her work is inspired by Henry Moore, Rodin, and her imagination.

Erin Blair is a photographer who has done a series of portraits of yoga teachers in outdoor locations.
Sasha Bravo is an artistic jeweler.

Patrick Brown’s work consists of large format abstractions inspired by his struggles living with HIV/AIDS.

Vanessa Christie   is showing surreal portraits of women inspired by masks and the hidden self.

Anne Fagan depicts candid images of people in soft colors. Inspired by living in San Diego and travel in Europe and Mexico.
Falicia Ferrer uses bright colors or black and white to depict women.

Ashley Gallagher’s work is inspired by pop culture. She uses paint and the human form to bring songs to life.

Marilyn Huerta primarily a painting and mixed media artist with colorful images of animals and humans.
Mikaela McLeish depicts solitary figures on the border between reality and dream.
mcpherson-TorreyWinds 1000
Chuck McPherson is a watercolor painter who specializes in live painting before audiences.

Elizabeth Joy Nelson uses vibrant colors to create positive energy.

Denise Nguyen specializes in the ancient arts of ikebana and pottery.

Cat Chiu Phillips uses found objects to explore contemporary culture.

Robin Spalding is a surreal/conceptual photographer.

OMA-Jeannie Marshall Ortiz-DSC00085
Also on display currently Jeannie Marshall Oritz:

 and at Pacific Choice are works provided by 

TERI, INC, which helps disabled people create acrylic and mixed media art.

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