Sunday, March 1, 2015

MAS Attack 8 at San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park

MAS Attack 8 - 75 LA Artist Meet 75 SD Artist for this one night event on Sat Feb 28 from 6 to 10 pm at the San Diego Art Institute (1439 El Prado, Balboa Park, House of Charm, SD 92101). Live music by Angel Dust and Prayers All 150 artists will be present for the MAS (Mutual Admiration Society) event started by Artra Curatorial. This was one wild night! More info: Marina Grize 619.236.0011

Finding 150 artist, half from LA, willing to deliver their art for a one night show is a spectacular feat. Hanging that work in 5 hours gives an idea of the spirit of this event, where nothing is for sale and even the wall labels are only attached by the artists as they arrive. This was not an evening for collectors, but one when the artist admired one other and celebrated each other's company. MAS stands for Mutual Admiration Society. That is not to say there were not loads of spectators who came to marvel and maybe to rub shoulders with artist in all mediums. People were still arriving when I left at 9 pm after talking straight for 3 hours. 

The San Diego Art Institute under the direction of Ginger Porcella and with the approval of the board (I have to declare a interest as a board member) aims to introduce the institute to a wide range of artists in our community. I ran into many artists at the show who had never been to this premier space in Balboa Park for contemporary art. There are many great artists living and working in our region and SDAI hopes to celebrate the excellence of their work.   Artists naturally embrace change. I think it is part of the job description of a creative person. I believe that continuous quality improvement goes hand and hand with greater support for the arts. I am pleased to say that the membership of artist at SDAI has increased and this is due to the excitement created by Ms. Porcella in opening up the space for shows like MAS Attack. 

Photo by Ed Roxbourgh

SDAI's Ginger Porcella and Artra Curatorial's
Max Presneill – Curatorial Director. Not pictured
Kio Griffith – Development Director
Colton Stenke – Operations Director
Prudence Horne
 These first three pictures are all by artists soon to appear in the New Contemporaries VIII at Valencia Gallery Fri. May 1 to Fri. May 29.
Jessica McCambly - tiny, tiny pearl like dots delicately placed in the middle of a white expanse.

scott b. davis
Carmen Argote

Ismael de Anda III


Katya Usvitsky

Don Porcella

Daphne Hill

Becky Guttin

Clayton Ehman

Hung Viet Nguyen

Susan Feldman Tucker

Ann Zapolli
Bhavna Mehta - I stood for quite a while, waiting to get a clear shots of this elaborate cut out work by Bhavna and finally decided that  this acute viewer  deserved a presence in this report.. Bhava is one our SD Art Prize recipients for 2014 and her work goes on view  soon San Diego Art Prize 2014 at Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
March 28-May 2, 2015 with Marianela de la Hoz, Philipp Scholz-Ritterman and Joseph Huppert.

Einar and Jamex de la Torre are past recipients of SD Art Prize

Jessica McCambly,  This work by Jessica is on view right now along with the following four works, at the SD Airport as part of the SDAI 75 anniversary year which takes place in 2016.
Cheryl Tall

Devon Browning

Scott Shoemake

Vincent Mattino

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