Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rare Specimens: The Matts at CM Curatorial and basileIE

by Patricia Frischer

 August 13 to Oct 1, 2015

Matt Stallings “Strange Calculus” and  Matt Forderer “Sweet Emotions” 
Plus the first in an ongoing series of dynamic outdoor light sculptures by architect/artist
Adrian Sierra Garcia. Video above courtesy of Kaarin Vaughn

CM Curatorial and basileIE is a joint space in Barrio Logan near Chicano Park. Chris Martino is curating both rooms that are connected and both have huge garage doors that open to the street.  The first show was of his own work and the work of Paul Basile (basileIE) and the second show is the two Matts...Stallings and Forderer. All the work has an aesthetic that seems to tie it together but is still in the process of being defined. There is a large degree of pop culture, lots of graphic design skill (Chris himself is a graphic designer), bags of humor and this is overlayed with a political agenda and more than a touch or surrealism.

We enjoyed both of these shows and will be looking forward to seeing a range of other artists, including some women and hopefully some members of the Chicano art muralist movement. After all, you are in their hood.  

 Matt Stallings “Strange Calculus”

It's the real thing

Brad and Anjoli as superman and woman and also Adam and Eve!

Hulk Hogan and The Original Hulk

 Matt Forderer “Sweet Emotions” 

Watch for a collage of this image on the outside of the building. Like flyers for who knows what?

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